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How to Build a Personal Website?

Building a personal website is the best way to earn money online. After creating your website you need to monetize it to start earn money. There are many ways to build a website. But many people do want to build their website in free of cost. Then Blogger is a good option for you. Blogger was launched on 23rd August 1999 and Blogger is owned by Google.

You can create your website on Blogger, a free platform for creating website and blog. Let us know in detail about the process of creating a website. In this post, I am going to show you how to create a personal website with step-by-step details.

How to Build a Personal Website?

For building a personal website for you have follow some basic and easy steps. In this article covered every steps in proper manner so that you can understand easily. But before starting, I want to tell you that, please first think about the niche of your website. This is important for making a proper website that made for particular topic.

Steps to Build a Personal Website

Step 1: You have to sign to Blogger with your Gmail account.

Step 2: After signing in to Blogger, a pop-up opens asking you to type the title of your website or blog. Think about the niche of your blog you want to create then write a catchy or blog-related title. But if you already have a blog on Blogger, then you have to click on Blogger's menu, then click on new blog to do the above process.

Step 3: After choosing the title of your blog, you have to choose the domain name of your website. Think about your blog niche again, then write your desired domain name. Then the blogger algorithm checks whether your domain is available or not, if available then proceed, if not then type another domain name.

Note: If you think that here you have to buy domain name then you are wrong. Blogger offers its users the facility to choose a free domain name. But your domain name will have a subdomain named Blogspot.

Tip: Keep in mind that, it is true that Blogger offers free domain name, but such domain name have some limitations. So my recommendation is that if you are serious for creating a personal website or blog then go with paid domain name. It is not much costly, you can easily afford the particular price.

Step 4: Till this step, you have just created your blog URL. Now you have to set up your Blogger website by going to Settings. You have to add your blog description, language of your blog, time zone of your blog. After enabling a search description you need to type a search description of your blog. There are some other SEO settings that you have to do on your blog. You can easily search on YouTube about such SEO settings in Blogger websites.

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Step 5: After internal set up, now it's time for external setup of your website. You have to choose a good, responsive, SEO-friendly blogger template for your website or blog. First, think about your blog niche and then choose the relevant template for your blog.

You can use the free template provided by blogger. My preference is to use a template called Notable. But if you don't want to use such template then you can search for a free blogger template on google. Then I am asking you to use a good, responsive, SEO-friendly template, because it is very important. Therefore, before using the template, read about it thoroughly.

Step 6: After choosing a good template, you have to put that template on your blog. For this you have to go to the theme section. And then from here you can add your template in to your website in two ways:

The first way, you have to go to the theme section and click on Restore. Then the template that you downloaded from Google has to be selected from you. Then the template will be placed on your blog.

Now the second way, sometimes there are some errors occurs in the coding while restoring the template by the first method. In that case we should adopt another method. You to copy the HTML code of your downloaded template after extracting it from zip format. Then you have to go to the theme section and click on Edit HTML and delete all the HTML code and paste it. Then click on Save Button. After doing this, that template will be placed on your website.

Step 7: Now you have to setup your blogger template. You can do this in the layout section of your blog. During the setup process of your blog you have to add your blog logo, favicon of your blog, remove unnecessary code section, remove unnecessary part of your template so that your blog looks professional and beautiful.

Step 8: After doing all these process your blog is ready to write post. But before writing your post, add the policy pages of your blog like About us, Contact us, Policy Pages and Disclaimer.

You need to add these policy pages to the Pages section of your blog, not the posts section. About us, Contact us and Privacy Policy is mandatory. You can create a Privacy Policy and Disclaimer through the tools already available on Google. But you have to write About us and Contact us yourself.

Step 9: Now you have to write a blog post related to your niche. You have to write unique and best content for your users.

Bonus Tip: Connecting your website to Google Search Console is very important. The tools available in Google Search Console help you along your blogger journey. It is also very helpful in Google AdSense approval so that you can monetize your website to earn money online. You can also add your website to Google Analytic to analyze your website traffic.


I hope you now understand, how to build a personal website. And got the answers that you want in this article. One thing I want to say is that there are millions of websites published on Google every day but only few of them reach the top of blogging career. You have to work on it consistently and with courage without any greed. So start your website and start working on it.

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