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How to Apply for Dsc Signature Certification?

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What is Digital Signature?

A digital signature is like an electronic signature but is encrypted using a mathematical scheme. This technology is known as cryptography, and the methodology depends upon algorithms that encrypt email messages, macros, or electronic documents and ensure an uninterrupted and secure passage through the messaging systems. But the main function is to authenticate the sender's identity. This is an end-to-end digital solution for most businesses and the greatest benefit is that it is paperless.

The DSC is proving as a big boon for commercial transactions online, thanks to the security its certification provides. These digital footprints are not similar to the electronic signatures we see in PDFs or other document formats, the encryption makes a big difference and the technology has been recently developed.

The stamp of authentication is further strengthened by a certification issued by an authorized organization known as CA in India. There are many CAs pan India and you should approach the nearest one online or physically visit the office. The CAs are authorized to assign authority to subsidiaries or partners in order to provide easy access to the applicants. The DSC is most often used by individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Cryptographical Key Pair Generation

The process is known as an asymmetric cryptographical protocol. The protocol suite has been generated after years of research and developmental work in the USA.

The public key generation is a process adopted using the public key infrastructure comprising hash algorithms software, hardware, and a set of rules and regulations. As a matter of fact, key generation usually leads to a pair generation during the encryption process and the two pairs generated are:

  • Public Key
  • Private or Secret Key

Key generation is carried out by the sender who keeps the private key a secret. The encryption process is carried out by using a hash algorithm most popular being SHA 256. The encryption leads to a value as a result. Lot many algorithms are available for encryption using cryptography some of which are open source and thus free. A public key is generated from the private key, and it is meant for the receiver.

Other algorithms used are SHA 1, SHA 2, Or SHA 256. There are more:

  • RSA
  • DSA
  • EdDSA
  • RSA with SHA
  • ECDSA with SHA
  • NTNM
  • Lanman

Encryption is possible using the public key that is sent by the receiver. If the document is hacked or manipulated a foolproof system informs the receiver. But remember the DSC as a digital signature is known for short is only used for the authentication of the sender and is non-repudiable. In many developed countries, digital signatures are considered legal tenders admissible in court.

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Why Digital Signature Certification in India?

In India, the certification is needed for Governmental obligations and in time to come, they will be applicable in eCommerce and other business obligations.

They are used for:

  • e-tendering
  • e-auctions
  • secure emails
  • web-based transactions
  • taxation
  • e-procurement.

DSC is issued for a period of one year or more and the price is based on the type and the expiry period. The use of these certificates is increasing day by day and as suitability increases, they will find greater usage in India and elsewhere.

How to Apply for DSC?

The procedure for the DSC application online is not complicated it is a simple process. Search for the nearest CA website and click on the buy DSC link. After the form is open fill in all the necessary details. Not many details are required and they pertain to your identity proof.

You have to send eligible photo ID proof like an adhaar card, Pan card, or a driver's license, the public key is also sent along. The ID should comprise the registered address of the applicant. A video interview also takes place and in that the original documents have to be shown.

After filing the application online the digital signature certificate is delivered to your address usually within five working days. You will receive it as a password-protected token in a pen drive. The payment ranges from Rs.2500 to over Rs.5000.

As an individual or an organization, you should be quick to buy DSC online whenever applicable. Rember uses your own DSC and not of others as the act is illegal and punishable.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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