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How to Write on a Person's Facebook Wall

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Don't loose touch with ANY of your friends

Don't loose touch with ANY of your friends

Facebook is fast becoming an on-line cyber space for people to catch up, socialise and interact with others. A person can maximise the settings options available, to make their experience unique to themselves and their facebook needs.

One of the features available to facebook users is the ability to write on a person's facebook wall. This is done when you want to leave a direct post, usually publicly, for someone to see when they log into their facebook.

When you have posted directly onto a persons' wall it will show on the right hand side in the activity wall, as well as on the wall itself, for anyone to see who clicks on the persons' profile. It will show in the order of activity, and with the date you actually posted it on.

Insert your cursor in the status box

Insert your cursor in the status box

Where To Write On a Persons Facebook Wall

When posting directly onto someone else's facebook wall, you will need to click on that person's name, and bring their personal wall to be the page you'e viewing on your screen.

Once you can view their whole wall, insert your cursor into the status bar box on the top left, hand side.

Start typing.

Click on the POST button to make your status visible.

Click on the POST button to make your status visible.

How To Write On a Friends Facebook Wall

Once you have placed your cursor in the status box, you are now ready to type your message for this person.

The owner of the wall has the control of the security setting here and controls who can see your post, and who will see it flow down the public feed. Generally, the settings on personal walls is to friends and possibly friends of friends. On pages you have liked, they are set to public.

Common friends between yourself and the person whom you are posting on their wall, will also see your post flow down the public feed.

  • NOTE - Keep this in mind when posting your message, if it's of a personal nature consider PM (Personal Messaging) or emailing the person directly.

Once you have finished typing your message for this person, click on the POST button at the bottom, right-hand side of the status box.

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Your post is now visible and is flowing down the public feed.

Choose the option to post a photo

Choose the option to post a photo

Posting A Photo To a Person's Facebook Wall

You can also upload a picture or photo directly to a person's facebook wall by selecting PHOTO, next to the word POST.

At the top of the status box, you can insert your cursor and write a personal message to appear at the top of your photo.

Next, click your cursor onto the box with a "+" inside it, your own personal photo's will appear in a pop up window, for you to select a photo to upload. Once you have completed the photo upload, another square with a + will appear in the status box, if you want to upload a second or even third photo.

  • NOTE - security settings of this photo are pre-set by the person's wall you're posting to. Be careful not to post pictures you do not want to become public.
Tag Friends, add date and location features

Tag Friends, add date and location features

Adding Extra Information To the Photo

Each photo has further information options at the bottom of the photo status box. If you choose, you can add detailed information that will link to the photo if copied or shared.

  • Tag friends - The first option is to tag any friends that appear in the photo. Once you tag a person, they will receive a notification and access to the photo, if the security option has not been changed.
  • Date & Time - The second option along the blue bar, is where you can choose the date and time the photo was taken.
  • Location - The third, or last option along is where you add location information. Utilizing Google maps you can add a map, or just add the location detail.

Once you have your photo with the information you want to share ready, hit the POST button and your photo will become public and appear in both feeds and the person's wall.

Be Safe on Facebook

Security when posting to a person or a liked page's wall is totally out of your control. Be very careful posting details or photo's you do not want strangers to see.

Writing on a person's wall is a great way to leave a message. It's a social platform where public declarations can be made, general information shared with another circle of friends and a photo sharer's dream.


peachy from Home Sweet Home on April 10, 2015:

great tutorial for new comers to FB

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