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How to View an Instagram Story Without Them Knowing: A Simple Trick

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of all time.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of all time.

Instagram started as a social network focused on photos and videos. Here users can upload pictures and videos and share them with others. Compared to Facebook, Instagram has fewer features, as it does not allow to write posts or join groups. Instagram is not as complete as Facebook; still, it is one of the most used social networks of all time. Many people feel engaged by watching photos and videos, which is one reason for the rise of Instagram. This platform also achieved popularity due to new features introduced over the years. One of these has mainly conducted great interest among Instagram users: Stories.

Instagram Stories: A Way to Share Something for a Limited Time

Instagram Stories is a feature you can use to share photos and videos with other people for a limited time. Your followers can see your story in the app's top bar. It can be a simple picture or a short clip, with eventual extras like text, polls, music, or locations. Each story is available to users for 24 hours; your followers can no longer see it after this time. Still, it is possible to create Stories that last forever by pinning them to your profile. A story can also receive likes from other users, who can also comment on it with a private message.

Due to these facts, the difference between posts and stories is slight. The most peculiar aspect of Instagram Stories is that you can see who looks at yours. It means that people who like stalking other profiles can find it hard to keep anonymity. The easiest way to look at an Instagram profile leaving no traces is to limit it to watching photos and videos.

Still, if you want to look at an Instagram story without letting the user know it, you can follow a simple trick.

1. Open Instagram App

The first step is to open the Instagram app on your phone and leave it open for a minute. If you see an exciting story in the top bar, leave the app open for a minute. If you want to see a specific user profile, open it and leave it open for a minute: it allows Instagram to pre-load stories in the background so you can watch them later. This is an automatic activity that the app does to speed up your experience and does not record you as a viewer.

2. Disable WiFi and Mobile Data

After you have left Instagram open for a minute, you can proceed with the second step. You have to disable WiFi and mobile data so your phone cannot connect to the Internet. As you have pre-loaded the story on your phone's cache, you can look at it even when offline. When you tap to open the story, Instagram cannot record your view as you are not connected to the internet.

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3. View the Story

After having disabled WiFi and mobile data, you are ready to tap the user's story and watch it. When you finish, force-close the app and enable your Internet connection again. Make sure you don't go back to Home or switch apps: you have to close Instagram to ensure you leave no traces.

There is a little limitation on this trick, as you cannot watch more than one story posted by the same user. Instagram usually pre-loads only the first one, so, by being offline, you will fail to look at the next ones. If you want to watch more stories from the same user, you need to keep your Internet connection enabled. It means you will view them without being anonymous.



There are many reasons why someone would want to view Instagram Stories and leave no traces. This little trick is good for staying anonymous while doing this and is easy to follow for everyone. Moreover, it requires one minute and doesn't need you to download apps or jailbreak your phone. Still, you should think if it is so essential for you to leave no traces while browsing your friends' stories. If you don't care about being anonymous, it is much easier to look at stories regularly. In the end, if people post them, they want to share something with other users. There is nothing wrong with viewing stories posted by other people.

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