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How to View an Instagram Story Without Them Knowing: A Simple Trick

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Instagram started as a social network completely focused on photos and videos. Here users own personal profiles in which they can upload pictures and videos and share them with other ones, just like it happens on Facebook and on other social networks. The only difference is that Instagram does not support text statuses, but only photos and videos.

Instagram gained much popularity since its birth and now it is one of the most used social networks all around the world. In the meantime, also new features have been released, so that Instagram is now much more powerful than in the past. One of the most appreciated new features of all time are Stories.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of all time

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks of all time

Instagram Stories: a way to share shomething for a limited time

Instagram Stories are actually a feature you can use in order to share photos and videos with other people for a limited time. Your followers can easily see your story in the app's top bar. After the story is expired, there is an option which can be enabled in order to keep it saved in an archive. Stories are meant to provide users with an easy way to share things about their lives in any moment. If you like stalking social network profiles, you have to pay attention to Instagram Stories, as posters can easily see who is viewing their stories. This is the big difference between stories and normal posts.

The good news for people who love to watch profiles without being spotted is that there is a simple trick they can follow in order to view Instagram Story without them knowing.

Instagram is a good way to share photos and videos with friends and other followers and it is a very popular social network

Instagram is a good way to share photos and videos with friends and other followers and it is a very popular social network

First step: Open Instagram app

The first step is to open Instagram app on your phone and leave it open for a minute. If you see the interested story in the top bar, just leave the app open for a minute, otherwise browse for the user's profile and leave it open. Waiting for a minute allows Instagram to pre-load stories so that you can easily watch them later.

Second step: disable WiFi and mobile data

After you have left Instagram home page (if the interested story appears in the top bar) or user profile open for a minute, you can proceed with the second step. You have to disable WiFi and mobile data, so that your phone cannot connect to Internet. Here is the trick: you have actually pre-loaded the story on your phone, but Instagram registers you as a viewer only when you physically open it. By disabling WiFi and mobile data, you are preventing Instagram app to register you as a viewer. As story has been previously pre-loaded, you will be able to watch it anonymously.

Third step: view the story

After having disabled WiFi and mobile data, you are ready to tap the user's story and watch it. After you are done, just close the app and enable your Internet connection again: no traces will be left.

There is actually a little limitation on this trick: you cannot watch multiple stories posted by the same user, as Instagram usually pre-load only the first one. If you are going to watch many stories posted by the same user, you have to keep Internet connection enabled and view them without being anonymous.

A guy looking at an Instagram profile

A guy looking at an Instagram profile

Actually there are many reasons why someone would prefer to view Instagram Stories without them knowing. This little trick is useful to stay anonymous while watching someone's story. Anyway, if you don't have particular reasons to hide your activity on Instagram, the best solution is to browse stories without caring so much about your traces. At the end, if people post stories, it's because they to share them with other users. There is nothing bad in viewing stories posted by other people.

What about you? You prefer to stay anonymous while browsing Instagram Stories or you don't care about this? Comment the article with your preference and with other tricks you are actually using in order to view stories without them knowing!

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