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How to Use the Microsoft Office Word 2007 Page Layout Ribbon Tab

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How to Use Microsoft Office Word 2007 Page Layout Ribbon Tab

The Page Layout Ribbon Tab of Microsoft Office 2007 has several important group commands. They are very useful in modifying your document.

Of more importance is the page layout of your document. It contains important tools that will help you set various page options and improve the quality of your work.

There are some things you need to know about once you are done typing your document.

Themes Command in MS Word

The themes commands will help you change the overall design of the entire document. This includes colours, fonts, and effects.

You will be able to apply predefined document themes though you can still customize the existing document themes to come up with your own unique themes.

The Page Layout Ribbon Tab

The Page Layout Ribbon Tab of Microsoft Office Word 2007

The Page Layout Ribbon Tab of Microsoft Office Word 2007

Page Setup in Ms Word

You will find very important commands here that will help you change several important things in your document. These include;

Margins – you can choose among the predefined margins or you choose to customize your margins for the current section or entire document.

You will be able to set top, bottom, left, and right margins. You will also be able to adjust your page gutter and gutter position. Using the margins command, you will also be able to set your page orientation (portrait or landscape).

Orientation – orientation command will help you to switch the pages between portrait and landscape layouts.

The Page Setup Option

Page setup dialog box

Page setup dialog box

More Commands Found on Page Layout Tab

Size – use the size command to set the paper size for your document by choosing from the list provided. To get more paper sizes, click on more paper sizes. This gives you a dialogue box that will enable you to set margins, paper size, and layout of your document.

Columns – use the column's command to split the text into two or more columns. Clicking on the more columns command will enable you to customize your columns.

Breaks – the breaks command will allow you to add a page, section, or column breaks to the document.

Line numbers – this command will help you to add line numbers in the margin alongside the lines of your Microsoft Word document. You can customize how the line numbers appear by selecting line numbering options.

Hyphenation – activating this command will allow Word to break lines between the syllables of words by inserting a hyphen in between a word. This gives your work a more uniform spacing between words.

Adding Watermark to MS Word

You will find commands that will help you to format your page background.

Watermark – this command will help you insert a ghosted (faded) text or picture into your document. The text watermark may signify how your document is to be treated, for instance, urgent, confidential, or draft. Click on the custom watermark to set your own picture or text watermark.

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Page colour – use the page colour command to set the page background colour you want. You can make use of theme colours, standard colours, more colour option, and fill effects to beautify the background of your document.

Page bordersBorders tab - this is for setting the border around the page or text. For text borders, click on page borders, click on the borders tab and select the following; setting, colour, width, and style.

Then click on the diagram provided to apply borders to the sides you want. The borders can be applied to the text where they will cover a single word or sentence and they can also be applied to a paragraph to surround an entire paragraph.

Page borders tab - For page borders, you will be able to set a page border all-around your work. You can also apply an art page border to your document.

Shading tab – the shading tab will help you to set a shading style to the highlighted text.

Borders and Shading Option

Borders and shading settings

Borders and shading settings

Paragraph Group

The paragraph group commands deal with formatting related to paragraphs. This includes the setting of indents and line spacing.

By clicking on the paragraph dialogue box launcher you will be able to access commands for setting indents and spacing and for line and page breaks settings.

Paragraph Settings

Paragraph settings

Paragraph settings

Arrange Group Commands

The arrange group commands deal with inserted pictures and objects formatting. Settings like position, text wrapping of pictures, aligning, grouping and rotating are set using the arrange group.

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