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How to Use Honda Civic iPod Adapter

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Honda Civics come with a built-in USB adapter built for connecting your iPod, iPhone or other Apple device to your car's speaker system. You can view songs within a specific playlist, or sort the audio content on your iPod by artist, song or album from the audio controls on the Civic's dashboard without having to touch your iPod. You can also use the controls on the left side of the steering wheel to control some aspects of your iPod. Connecting the iPod takes a couple of seconds and you can master the controls for using your connected iPod in less than a minute.

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  1. Open the console between the front two seats in the Honda Civic. At the bottom of the console you'll see a small box with "USB" on it with a small cable extending from it. At the end of the cable is a USB port for connecting an iPod or iPhone. You can also connect other devices using a USB cable, but they may or may not work with the adapter.
  2. Plug the USB connector end of the iPod's USB cable in to the USB port at the end of the cable at the bottom of the console.
  3. Plug the 30-pin connector on the other end of the iPod's USB cable into the 30-pin connector on your iPod. To avoid damaging the iPod cable when you close the console lid, slide the USB cable just above the button that opens the console lid and then close the lid.
  4. Start your Honda Civic if it isn't running already. You'll notice the charging icon appear on your iPod, indicating that it's getting power.
  5. Just because your iPod is charging doesn't mean the Honda Civic recognizes it. You can check to make sure your iPhone or iPod touch is recognized by opening the Music app. Instead of the screen you'd traditionally see, you should see a white screen with an outline of an iPod on it that says Accessory Connected.
  6. Press the "VOL PUSH PWR" button on the left side of the audio controls in the center of the dashboard to power on the radio.
  7. Press the "AUX" button located directly beneath the CD player. The display directly above the CD player will say iPod on the left side of it and will display the total number of audio tracks in the current playlist to the right of it. Alternatively, you can power your radio on and then press the "MODE" button on the left side of the steering wheel until the axillary input appears on the display.
  8. Press the "TUNE FOLDER PUSH SOUND" button on the right side of the audio controls once to bring up the controls for your iPod, which will always display MODE on the left side of the display. If you press the button more than once, you'll have to cycle through the bass, treble, fade, balance and other radio controls before getting back to the controls for your iPod.
  9. After arriving back at MODE, turn the wheel located on the outer part of the button to move between different modes for your iPod: Playlist, Artist, Album and Song. Playlist lets you scroll through the music within specific playlists, Artists lets you scroll through music by specific artists in alphabetical order, Songs lets you scroll through all of the songs on your iPod in alphabetical order and Album lets you scroll through music located on specific albums.
  10. Press "TUNE FOLDER PUSH SOUND" to select the mode you want to search through your music by. Navigate through any additional folders within that mode, such as the names of albums, by pressing the "TUNE FOLDER PUSH SOUND" button. After finding a song you want to listen to, press "TUNE FOLDER PUSH SOUND" again. After a song starts playing you can start the process again to move to a different mode by pressing the "TUNE FOLDER PUSH SOUND" button.
  11. Press the "CH+" and "CH-" buttons on the left side of the steering wheel to skip tracks within the part of the iPod you're listening to.
  12. Press the "VOL+" and "VOL-" buttons on the left side of the steering wheel to adjust the volume at any time.


TK on October 08, 2017:

I have a 2013 Honda Civic DX. Occasionally while playing my iPod Nano through the USB, it will cut out and I receive a 'USB Error' message. Can only re-start after shutting car off and restarting.

Any fix or comment on this?

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