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How to Update Westinghouse TV Firmware

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Westinghouse Digital uses firmware updates to improve the performance of its TVs. This can include enhancements to how video feeds are processed for better output, improving the response time of certain features and broadening the spectrum of what existing features are capable of. Firmware updates are only made available as needed for specific models and are free; you just need a USB flash drive to safe the firmware update to. If you're Westinghouse TV is suddenly experiencing software glitches, a firmware update is a quick step you can take to try resolving the problem on your own.

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  1. Connect a newly-formatted FAT32 flash drive to an available USB input on your computer.
  2. Click here to open the Westinghouse Digital Downloads/Support Web page.
  3. Click the size of your TV on the left side of the page beneath either LCD or LED. A list of Westinghouse Digital TV models populates on the right side of the page. If a Driver heading appears beneath your TV model that includes a Firmware Upgrade option, a firmware update is available for your Westinghouse Digital TV; if you don't see this option, no firmware update is available and you'll need to check for one at a later date.
  4. Click the Firmware Upgrade option and then save the firmware update file to your connected USB flash drive. the firmware update file will be a PKG file, most likely named firmware.pkg.
  5. Safely disconnect the USB flash drive from the computer. Do this by right-clicking the Safely Remove Hardware icon in your computer's Notification Area (located by default in the lower-right corner by your clock), clicking "Safely Remove Hardware" selecting the name of your USB flash drive in the dialog box that appears and then clicking "Stop." You can safely disconnect your USB flash drive after a message appears stating that it's now safe for you to disconnect the device from the computer.
  6. Power down your Westinghouse TV and then plug the USB flash drive in to your TV's USB port.
  7. Power on the Westinghouse TV, which will appear to boot up normally until a message appears on the screen indicating that the TV shouldn't be powered down while the firmware is updating. At this time, the firmware update is being installed on the TV. A prompt appears beneath the initial message after the firmware update is successfully installed that notifies you when it's safe to disconnect your USB flash drive from the TV.
  8. Disconnect the USB flash drive. The TV reboot and you can resume using it as you normally would. If the TV doesn't reboot automatically after you disconnect the USB flash drive, restart it by powering it down, waiting a few seconds and then turning it back on.

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Richard on April 21, 2020:

is update needed when ur bottons stop workimg i have no rtemote only 1 hdmi works cant trun up or down please help

Joe on June 23, 2013:

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Westinghouse doesn't supply firmware updates on the page listed, only pdf manuals for operating the tv.

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