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How to Update Toshiba Blu-ray Firmware

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Updating the firmware on your Toshiba Blu-ray firmware can add new features and functionality to your device. Additionally, Toshiba can also resolve software issues with its Blu-ray players after the devices are released from the factory through firmware updates. You can update the firmware on Toshiba Blu-ray players by downloading the firmware update software through the Toshiba Support site, transferring that firmware update software to a thumb drive and then connecting the thumb drive to your Toshiba Blu-ray player.

Some Toshiba Blu-ray players have USB ports on the front while others have it on the back.

Some Toshiba Blu-ray players have USB ports on the front while others have it on the back.

Process for Updating Toshiba Blu-ray Firmware

  1. Connect a thumb drive to your computer and then format the thumb drive in the FAT file system format. Use a thumb drive with at least 1 GB of storage capacity to ensure that you'll have enough space for the firmware update files on the thumb drive.
  2. Create a new folder on the freshly formatted thumb drive and then call it "UPG_ALL."
  3. Navigate to the Toshiba Support website by clicking here.
  4. Select "DVD & Blu-ray" in the Choose Category field; select "Blu-ray Players" in the Choose Family field; and then select the model of your Blu-ray player in the Choose Model field.
  5. Click "Go." The support screen for that particular Blu-ray model appears on the screen. it's important to validate that the model number on this screen matches the model number associated with your Blu-ray player.
  6. Click the "Downloads" tab if that tab is lit up. If that tab is grayed out, no downloads are available for that Toshiba Blu-ray model, and as a result, no firmware update is available for that particular model.
  7. Click the name of the firmware update file if there is one. A screen appears that summarizes what the update adds.
  8. Click "Download Now" at the bottom of the summary for the update and then save the update file to your computer. The firmware update will be saved to your computer in the form of a ZIP file.
  9. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to the UPG_ALL folder you created on your thumb drive.
  10. Ejected the thumb drive from your computer, and then disconnect the device. Take care to not disconnect the thumb drive from your computer prior to ejecting it, as this could result in longer-term problems with that thumb drive, and could also result the ZIP file you placed on it being unreadable. You can eject the thumb drive by right-clicking the drive in Windows Explorer and then clicking "Eject." A message will appear in your notification menu telling you when the drive can safely be removed.
  11. Power on your Toshiba Blu-ray player if it isn't powered on already and then remove any discs from the player. You will not be able to launch the software update if there are any discs in the drive.
  12. Connect the thumb drive to the Blu-ray player's USB port. After a few seconds, the Upgrade screen appears and says that its searching for an update file.
  13. Select "OK" after a message appears saying the front end of the Toshiba Blu-ray player is updated to update the back end of the Blu-ray player. A message appears saying the update is finishing.
  14. Select "OK" when a message appears saying that the update is finished. The player will automatically restart. The total time it takes the update to install depends on the size of the update.
  15. Remove the thumb drive from the Blu-ray player. The update is now complete and you can resume using your Blu-ray player.


  • It's important to check for updates every couple of months to ensure that your Toshiba Blu-ray player is up to date.
  • Some new discs that you purchase may either have issues playing or may not play at all that may appear to be a defective disc but rather are a result of the software on your Blu-ray player not being up to date.
  • Do not power down the Toshiba Blu-ray player while the update is installing. Doing this could actually result in longer-term problems with the Blu-ray player.

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