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How to Update HKC Tablet Software

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HKC tablets are low-cost tablets running the Android operating system. HKC tablets come in a variety of colors and don't boast as many features or the slick performance of higher-end Android tablets. However, keeping your HKC tablet's firmware up to date ensures your device is running the most recent version of the Android operating system the tablet supports, which includes the addition of any new features the tablet supports. Further, updating your HKC tablet is also a way for the developer to fix known errors with the device's software. You can update your HKC tablet through the Settings app.

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Updating the firmware on your HKC tablet can introduce new functionality to your device.

Updating the firmware on your HKC tablet can introduce new functionality to your device.

Process for Updating HKC Tablet Firmware

  1. Tap the "Settings" app on the HKC home screen to open the Settings screen.
  2. Swipe down the Settings screen until you see the System section, then tap "About Tablet." Options associated with About Tablet appear on the right side of your HKC tablet screen. Included in this list of options is also your device's model number, current Android version, kernel version and more.
  3. Tap "System Updates."
  4. Tap "Download" in the list that appears.
  5. Tap "update.img." A context menu appears.
  6. Tap "Copy" in the context menu.
  7. Tap "Internal Memory" along the top of the screen, then tap "Editor" in the list of options directly beneath "Internal Memory." A context menu opens.
  8. Tap "Paste." A dialog box appears on your screen, indicating that the update file is being copied to your tablet's internal memory. After the update file is finished transferring, a Firmware Updating dialog box appears.
  9. Tap "Install" in the Firmware Updating dialog box. The firmware update will be installed on your HKC tablet.

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Jessica Keagle on January 07, 2014:

mine wont wrk ants to take me to the website to dwnload then wont load the site then it says file is zipped

tim on December 22, 2013:

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I've done this but the update firmware box doesn't pop up after install?

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