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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S 2 | A Step to Step Guide

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Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock

Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great Android phone. This is a big phone with 4.3 inches Super AMOLED screen and dual core 1.2 GHz processor. This device is available with all careers in USA. But if you in a contract with a career you may want to be freed from that bond. Thus, you may change carriers as you please to take the benefits of better offers and services. That is why you need to unlock your Galaxy S 2.

There is a too easy process to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2. This is a free way to do it! Yes, you do not have to spend $10 or $12 for it.

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Requirements for Unlocking Galaxy S2

1) A rooted Samsung Galaxy S 2 mobile phone. If it is not rooted you may read this article to know how to do it.

2) You need to have an android app named SGS2SIMUnlock.apk

3) An extra SIM that does not match your SIM lock.

4) A few valuable minutes and some patience.

Download the app from Google play store. Now you are all set for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile.

Learn How to Root SGS2


1) It may not work on each and every device. It would be better if your mobile model is Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100

2) If it does not work, then do not try it again.

3) Repetitive unsuccessful trying may freeze your device.

4) Go at your own risk.I, the author of this piece or this website is not responsible for any data loss or other damages.

Now What to Do?

Now have nothing much to do. Just follow these steps:-

1) Open the app on your mobile. You may see from the User Interface of the app from the image above. There are three buttons in it. First one is to find SIM unlock code. The second one is for finding the unfreeze code and the third one is to donate button. If you succeed you may donate a bit to the developer so that you can get such other excellent apps from him in the future.

2) Now what is the unfreeze code?

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Your device is locked with a carrier. The career company inserts some protection against unlocking. They put some code to freeze the device instantly if the code can catch that there is some unlocking is being tried by the user. To unfreeze there is a special code which varies from device to device.

3) First check for the unfreeze code. After getting the code write it down.

4) Now hit the Find Sim Unlock Code button.


5) It will not show instant result. You have to wait for a few minutes. You may leave the device there for a cup of coffee.

6) Plug in your device with the charger point if it is low in charge.

7) Now, the app will show the result, the unlock code for your device. Write it down.

8) After that turn off your Samsung Galaxy S 2 Mobile phone.

9) Remove the SIM card.

10) Now you need to insert that another SIM card that does not match your SIM lock.

11) Now turn your device on.

12) You mobile will now ask you for a code. Insert the unlock code. That is all.

This is the simple procedure to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2.

Unlocking SGS2 without Rooting

If you do not want to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 but still want to get it unlocked then you shall have to ask your network provider. You shall have to ask for the unlock code by asking the customer care guy or girl or by emailing them. If the phone is 6 months to 1 years old, then chances are pretty high that you shall get the code from the company.

You should have to tell your phone's IMEI code to them. You can find it by typing *#06#. If the company does not tell your unlock code then you shall have to use 3rd party unlocking sites for a small fee.

After getting the code, switch your mobile off. After that change the SIM card with a new one. When you shall restart the phone it will ask for the unlocking code.Put it and that's it. You have done it.

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