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How to Remove Skype (Uninstall Guide)

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Skype is an incredibly useful program that allows you to make calls over the Internet. A big problem with Skype is that it's full of bugs. If your version of Skype is having issues, uninstalling and reinstalling it can help (this is especially true if you have an older version.)

If Skype isn't for you (maybe you don't need this type of software anymore or you've decided to try out other voice chat software), you probably want to get it off your computer.

Regardless of the reasons you want to get rid of Skype, you may have already noticed the uninstall process can be a pain in the neck, to say the least! This guide will show you how to remove Skype from your computer.

Note: If a particular step doesn't work for you (for example, if Skype doesn't appear in Add or Remove Programs), just skip ahead to the next step.

Quit Skype to get started

Quit Skype to get started

Deleting the Skype program folder

Deleting the Skype program folder

Getting Started: Exit Skype

If Skype is open you'll need to exit it before getting started. You can do this by locating the Skype icon in the system tray (the lower right-hand side of your computer screen.)

Right click on the icon and click "quit."

Uninstalling Skype

The first thing you'll want to do is head on over to "Add or Remove Programs" and uninstall Skype:

  • Click "Start", then "Control Panel", and then finally, "Add or Remove Programs."
  • Find Skype in the list of programs and click "Remove."

The next thing you'll have to do is remove the Skype application folder:

  • Click on the Start button
  • Click Run
  • Type in "%appdata%" (without the quotes) and click OK.
  • In the window that pops up, locate a folder called "Skype." Right click in and select "delete."

Now, you'll have to delete Skype's program folder:

  • Click Run
  • Type in "C:\Program Files" (without the quotes.)
  • Locate the Skype folder. Right-click the folder and select "delete."
Edit Windows Registry at your own risk

Edit Windows Registry at your own risk

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Removing Skype Registry Keys

This last step is only required if you want absolutely no trace of Skype on your computer. In fact, DO NOT make any changes in your registry if you're not comfortable doing so.

To delete Skype registry keys:

  1. Click "Run."
  2. Type in "regedit" (without the quotes) and click OK.
  3. Once in your Registry, hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and press "F."
  4. In the box that pops up, type "Skype" (without the quotes) and click the "Find next" button.
  5. In the middle pane, search results will pop up. Right click them and select "delete."
  6. Press F3 on your keyboard to search for more Skype results. Delete any search results. Continue this step until there are no more search results.
  7. Exit the registry.

What's next?

Yay! If you've followed the above steps, Skype should be completely removed from your computer. At this point, you have a few options:

  • You can reinstall Skype (and get a fresh clean install!) Remember to get the latest stable release/version.
  • Install something else. Might I suggest Mumble? Google Talk is also fabulous and you don't even have to install anything!
  • Nothing. Hey, if Internet calls aren't your thing, then you're home free now!


rafael on March 18, 2016:

How do you delete Skype fro mac?

Jose Juan Gutierrez from Mexico City on December 11, 2012:

Very useful hub about Skype. I have Skype installed on my computer and I haven had to uninstall it, yet, but if I have to uninstalled it in the future, then, I'll refer to this hub.

Voted useful!

Mike Inkster from Calgary, Alberta on November 18, 2012:

I just uninstalled Skype for the second and last time. Did not use it very much and found it to buggy. Have 3 puters and at times it did not want to work at all. Even with the last upgrade it is buggy.

Melanie Palen (author) from Midwest, USA on August 24, 2012:

RealHousewife, it is not too late to go to the police. They can look up your daughter's Skype record to see who was talking to her (username) and pull IP address, name, address, etc from his IP. Even after you've deleted Skype.

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on August 24, 2012:

Ever since I did that research on hacking - skype creeps me out! I actually put a piece of duck tape over my skype camera just so I wouldn't have to think about it:) lol It is toally possible for your skype to get hacked and someone could even take a screen shot of you every 30 seconds! Creepy!

Also - I do not think young kids should have them. Some really wacked out creepy guy was trying to ask my daughter if he wanted to see him sans clothing. Of course, I was sitting right there (it was a brand new technology we were testing) so I slammed it down. I wanted to report the nasty dude too but didn't know where to go with it! So heads up parents! You should REMOVE skype that is conveniently being installed on laptops and computers everywhere!

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