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How to Start a Blog as a Beginner

Wondering how to start blogging? Continue reading because in this article all the tips to start blogging for beginners are explained in detail.

There are several things that you need to complete initially when starting blogging.

  1. Choose a good niche
  2. Choose a blogging platform
  3. Choose a name for your blog
  4. Choose a commenting plugin

Let's see how you can do the above things step by step.

1. Choose a good niche

First, identify your intention of blogging. If you are blogging as a hobby or for fun, you can choose any niche that you love blogging. If you have one already, just go with that. If your intention is to blog to share your knowledge, you can go with the particular sector which you are so good at. And, if you are blogging for any purpose other than the above-mentioned intentions, you have to choose a potential niche that is easy to do marketing. And remember to choose a niche that you are passionate about.

Here are some example niches for you.

  1. Food
  2. Blogging
  3. Technology
  4. Gossip
  5. Tech Updates
  6. General

2. Choose a blogging platform

This is the most important part of your blogging journey no matter what intention you have. There are so many blogging platforms all over the internet but not all of them are good fits. You have to choose one of the best blogging platforms according to your needs.

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Blogging platforms can be divided into two categories: blogging platforms that need coding knowledge to use them and blogging platforms which do not require coding knowledge to use them.

For instance, blogging platforms like WordPress, Webflow are no code tools - blogging platforms that do not require you to have coding knowledge. But, blogging platforms like Ghost, Jekyll require you to have coding knowledge. However, based on your knowledge of coding you can make a choice.

Next, check whether the blogging platform that you are using has all the features and customizing options that you want. In other words, check whether it is user-friendly. The blogging platform that you are choosing must be user-friendly otherwise you may feel bored or you may be fed up when maintaining your blog.

3. Choose a name for your blog

Choosing an attractive name for your blog is important. In this case, attractive means that the name you are giving your blog should be unique in any kind of a way.

4. Choose a commenting plugin

After choosing a blogging platform, a name, and a niche, you are good to go. But, there are a few things that you may need to add to your blog such as commenting plugins, email marketing, etc. Adding a commenting space to your blog helps you to create a good user base with a good user engagement rate from the very beginning.

There are so many commenting systems all over the internet and you should be thoughtful when choosing one. When choosing a commenting system, you can refer to the following points to check.

  1. User-friendliness for you and your readers of the blog
  2. Moderation features
  3. Spam detection
  4. Attractive interface
  5. Pricing

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