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How to Setup Uno R3 Wifi Atmega328p Esp8266

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What Is UNO R3 WiFi ATmega328P ESP8266?

The board allows you to program the outputs through various pins on the board, it also provides a WIFI capability. You can get the specific one here, but there are other options available: without WIFI, with Bluetooth, and more.

Set up Arduino IDE

In order to make this work, you have to install and set up the Arduino IDE in a specific way.

1. Download the USB driver, it will not connect until that is installed.

Simply unpack and run the .exe file

2. Download Arduino IDE version 1.6.5 (If you get a different device, the version might be different)

3. Add the ESP8266 toolkit (Board manager)

Go to File --> Preferences


Inside there, you will a field named "Additional Boards Manager URLs". Paste the provided link into the field and click "Ok"


Once you are done with that, you will need to go to Tools --> Board --> Boards Manager...


In there, type "esp8266" into search and install the item. Make sure you have version 2.7.4 (it might be different for other similar devices).


Set up the device

In order to upload to the device, you will need to adjust the switches to correct positions first.

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Before connecting the USB, you need to switch on the following switches:

5 - 6 - 7

After you upload, before disconnecting - you need to switch these:

5 - 6

If you omit this step, the program will be erased after you disconnect the USB.

Before every upload, you will need to hold down the red button. This will reset the device and allow you to upload new sketch.

Sketch examples

The sketch examples that are suitable for this device can be found in File --> Examples, choose one of the ESP8266. To test if the upload and device are working, you should use the Blink example first.

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