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How to Return the Last Cell Value of a Column Using Excel

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I recently created a document that calculates a head count delta for each quarter of a workday in manufacturing. I needed to know the most recent delta for another calculation.

The example shows how I collect the most recent delta figure from the bottom of a column where information populates from the top down from quarter to quarter. Using the COUNT function within the INDEX function causes the index function to report the last value entered.

The formula used to generate the the last delta in the cell that it resides in would be:


After the formula is entered, the last cell within the range will be the result displayed. As you can clearly see in the result, the formula displays the last value (-2) of the range H4:H7 representing the delta for for the latest quarter.

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The formula will work in the same manner with a horizontal range displaying the last entered value from left to right. See the next illustration below for an example.


If there are not be any values in the range that the formula is checking, an error will occur. Like what is shown below in the last illustration. If you would like to prevent an errors from occurring you can utilizethe IFERROR function.


If the above formula is used the IFERROR function will display no data represented by the quotes that do not display any text in-between them. You also may elect to add a text string in the quotes that says "No Data".


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