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How to Remove Background Using Microsoft PowerPoint

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Arjay is a researcher with background on using computer softwares intended for research and presentation purposes.

Removing background on images

Changing the background of a photo can improve the image presentation in a lot of cases. So for most content creators, be it video contents or articles, the ability to edit backgrounds may come in handy once in a while. In this article, I will show you how to remove backgrounds on images using a Microsoft PowerPoint software which most of laptops have.


Advantages of using PowerPoint for background removal

There are a lot of software which can help us remove the background of a photo, but I will give you reasons why PowerPoint is a good tool:

  1. Most laptops/PC already have PowerPoint - when we buy our laptop/PC we are already offered Microsoft software to be installed in them, others have them installed without even additional charges so it is convenient to use this since you don't need to download additional software.
  2. Most people are proficient in using PowerPoint - PowerPoint is a powerful tool for presentation and is used widely by students and professionals. Since we have been using this a lot of time, we are most likely proficient in using the software. So we don't need to start learning another software from scratch and we have some experience to work on.
  3. Easy to do - In PowerPoint there is already a function intended for removing image backgrounds which makes the work easier. However, there is another way but is way more tedious than just using the background remove function. I will show both ways in this article for you to choose which one works best for you.
Remove background tool

Remove background tool

Using remove background function from PowerPoint

Using remove background function of PowerPoint is quite easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Upload the picture you want to remove the background.
  2. Click the photo and picture format ribbon will pop up above beside the help ribbon.
  3. Click remove background on upper left corner below the file ribbon. This will give you options to mark the areas to keep/remove.
  4. After marking the areas to remove/keep press keep changes and it will give you the photo with the background removed.
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Manual background removal using PowerPoint

As said earlier, there is another way of removing background using PowerPoint. This one is takes more time than just using the remove background function but I do think this can be more accurate depending on how you do it. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Take the image and upload it into a slide in PowerPoint.
  2. Resize and crop the image to focus on the part you want to keep.
  3. Now go to insert ribbon > shapes > freeform: shape
  4. Trace the image you want to keep. Keep in mind you can zoom in and zoom out depending on how accurate you want to be.
  5. After tracing, your shape should be closed and filled with color.

6. Save the resized and cropped image you modified from step 2.

7. Right click on the shape you trace then press format shape. A panel on the right side should appear.
8. Press fill from the panel and from the drop-down pick picture or texture fill.
9. A picture source should appear below the drop-down. Press insert and choose your saved photo.
10. For finishing steps, check the "tile the picture as texture" and adjust the picture position using offset x and y values to fit your shape.
11. Finally, press the "line" option below the "fill" in the panel and choose no line to remove the outline you made from tracing.


Additional Tip: Add a different background to my image

If you want to add a different background to your image, you can also upload the background on the same slide as your photo. Afterwards, place your photo without background on top of the background (you can use the send to front and send to back feature in PowerPoint by right clicking each image for this step.

Is Powerpoint better than other software?

In all honesty, PowerPoint is good already if you just plan to remove background. However, if you also require a lot more than just background removal, you might want to look at other software. PowerPoint is good since you don't need to have additional work on downloading and studying other software. You don't also need to pay for other software if you already have it in your PC (which most people have). So to answer the question, no, I don't think PowerPoint is better than other software, it is just good for convenience if you don't have any other software for the job.

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