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Top 3 Ways to Play Youtube Videos on Background for Free

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Photo by Christian Wiediger

Photo by Christian Wiediger

Sometimes, usually in the morning I find myself playing music on YouTube while I am getting ready for the day or listen to some music to relax myself for that matter. But the problem that arises here is that YouTube doesn't allow users to play music in background as YouTube’s feature is that it wants you to keep your eyes locked on the screen so that it can show you advertisement on that basis unless you are a YouTube premium member.

If you share similar experience, read along as in this article I will be discussing the top 3 unique ways to enjoy your music on YouTube in background and that too without having to be a YouTube premium member.

So, the basic overview of the Apps we are going to talk about are

  1. YouTube Vanced
  2. Bravo browser
  3. YMusic
Photo by Christian Wiediger

Photo by Christian Wiediger

1. YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is an app which allows you to play YouTube in the background without any advertisement which means that you can lock your phone put it in your pocket and still enjoy your music seamlessly and without any advertisement to disrupt your music experience.

However, the app also allows you to just watch watch videos just like you would normally do in YouTube but again without the disruption of advertisement.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß

Photo by Sara Kurfeß

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2. YMusic

The other app which I recently learned about through XDA Developers is YMusic, it is an online and offline music player cum music downloader app, technically it sorts all your phone’s music and show them in all different areas of the music player.

However, if you want to stream music that is not there in your phone, then there is also a search feature which allows you to search music online, powered with YouTube search engines and the obviously you can control your music from the lock screen as well.

3. Bravo Browser

Brave browser is one of the best if not the best browser in terms of speed performance and privacy, it has a build in feature that allows user to play browser based YouTube on the background.

It has most of the popular extensions that would be in any popular browsers extensions so that you don't have to toggle between browsers

With its development going towards privacy, it also has a build in Shield which blocks unwanted ads and trackers, which also means that you can have a seamless YouTube experience without the disruption of ads.


All the apps that we have discussed today have a feature that allows to enjoy our YouTube experience from the lock screen, but each app has a certain dominant feature and it would not be easy to conclude which is the best, I would say it's a matter of a taste. As for me, apart from being able to enjoy my YouTube experience on the background I like YMusic for the fact that it has simple GUI(Graphical User Interface) and the other thing being that I'm able to download my music from the same music player.

Anyways that's me, I'm curious which one was yours favourite. Do let me know in the comment sections below.

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