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How to Manage Knowledge in Slack for Team Wiki?

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In this tech recipe for today, let me show you how to manage knowledge in Slack for Team Wiki.


Let's Start!

Have you achieved an excellent job in delivering a certain task? You might not realize it, but that small milestone is already an added revenue to your organization. Imagine if that can be replicated across your team, your organization’s success will already be yours in no time. So, doing a task to consistently collaborate successful knowledge or process is as much as important with your other task. But the only way to do that is to document it, progressively.

The problem is, there’s no tool to store or share it with your team or you’re just manually saving documents that are not searchable or you have a Wiki site but it’s not progressively updated.

With that, the solution to consistently consolidate knowledge is to integrate a team Wiki knowledge base into project management via a collaboration tool. How to do it? Read on below.


  • Tettra – this is the centralized Team Wiki that will be accessed by your organization.
  • Google Drive – this is an option for those who are not using Microsoft Office apps in creating documents.
  • Slack – this is the collaboration tool for your team.
  • Trello – this is the project management tool we’ll use to assign the tasks & consistently monitor the progress of your Wiki.


Set It Up

Setup Tettra

First thing’s first is to create a free account with They have a free package for 5 persons only, so if you need more, that means you have to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Link Google Drive

If you have an existing Gmail account, you may already integrate them upon signup. Otherwise, you may link it later by clicking on your Profile Name at the upper right-hand corner > select My settings > My Integrations > click Connect Your Google Account.


This is optional & only applicable to those organization that doesn’t have Microsoft Office apps in creating or updating documents.

Link Slack

Also, if you have an existing Slack account, you may already integrate them upon signup. Otherwise, you may link it later by clicking on your Profile Name at the upper right-hand corner > select My settings > Team Integrations > click Connect Your Slack Workspace.


Then go to the Slack desktop app or online via > click the Apps icon, search Tettra & click the Add button to complete the linking process.

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Link Slack to Trello

If you haven’t done so, on the same Slack app, you may also add the Trello app in there following the same process above.


Creating a Wiki

  • To automatically create a Tettra Wiki page, just type the command /tettra new {title}. For example, below.

/tettra new Onboarding Procedure

  • To automatically create a Tettra Wiki page & assign a user, just type the command /tettra suggest @{name} {title}. For example, below.

/tettra suggest @paul @peter Onboarding Procedure

Assigning to Team

  • To automatically create a Trello card, assign users, & set up a deadline, just type the command /trello add [teammates] [card name] set-due today or tomorrow or next Friday at 5pm. For example, below.

/trello add @paul @peter Onboarding Wiki set-due next Friday at 5pm

  • To automatically assign user(s) to an existing Trello card, just type the command /trello assign [teammates] [card name]. For example, below.

/trello assign @john Onboarding Wiki

In A Nutshell

An effective way on how to manage knowledge in Slack for Team Wiki is to utilize & integrate Tettra to Slack, Trello, and optionally to GoogleDrive.

This tech recipe just helped you how to set up a seamless Team Wiki knowledge base collaboration process. Knowledge collaboration is just a part of the solutions to increase productivity. And in Tettra & Slack, there are more solutions available including other productivity solutions out there, so I need your help.

Any Suggestions or Comments?

Write your suggestions or comments down below & let me know what you'd love to read in my future articles.

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