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How to Make a Playstation Recognize an Android Phone

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How to Connect Android to PS3

No longer simply calling and texting devices, Android phones provide a lot of functionality. As portable media players, you can use them to play games, listen to music, play videos, stream content from the internet, view photos, and many other things.

With these capabilities in mind, this article will show you how to sync your Android phone to your PlayStation. All Android phones can connect to the PlayStation3 (PS3) system. So, imagine all the functionality of your Android phone on a big screen.

This article will show you what to adjust on both your Android device and the PS3 system in order to let both devices sync up.

Steps to Transfer Files from Android to PS3

The instructions to make a PlayStation console recognize an Android device are outlined below.

  1. Switch on the PS3 system and connect it to the Android phone with a USB cable.
  2. On the Android's home screen, click on the ‘USB icon’ and then tap the ‘USB connected’ button.
  3. Click on the ‘Mount option’ to get the Android phone into the USB mode.
  4. On the PS3, navigate to the main menu, which the PS3 calls the Cross-Media Bar.
  5. On the Android, scroll to the ‘Removable Device' icon and tap the ‘Triangle’ button.
  6. Finally, select the ‘Show all’ option so that you can view all the different media files are stored in the android device.

After following these steps, you can now extend the functionality of the Android to the PlayStation, allowing you to watch videos and look at pictures on a big screen and listen to music on your living room sound system.

How to Make a Playstation Recognize Android

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