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How to Install a Font (specifically, a My Little Pony font) into Microsoft Word to Create Your Daughter's Dream Party

To see all the other details of how to throw an awesome MLP party, visit my other hub on this topic: How to Throw a Fabulous My Little Pony Party for a Little Girl !


First Scour the Internet

You have to find the font you want to use. It's the first step to adding a new font to Microsoft Word. I know what you're probably thinking, "duh." But I didn't know. So I'm telling you.

Here are some sites you can check for the font you're looking for:

NewFonts . net
1001FreeFonts . com
FontStock . net

But the My Little Pony Font isn't on any of those. Go to DaFonts . com and search Equestria if that's the one you're looking for. Then, download it.

After you've downloaded it to your computer, move the file to a folder where you'll be able to find it. Doing this will kill two birds with one stone because you'll need to unzip the file, which will happen when you move it.

Search "Equestria"


Font Book

Next, open up Finder, and double click Applications.

Find Font Book and open it.

Click the little plus sign at the bottom left corner (pictured below) to add a Collection. I named mine MLP [My Little Pony].

Find "Equestria" in the list of fonts. Click and drag it into your new Collection folder (in my case, MLP).


If You Still Can't See it in Word

You're not alone. All you have to do is quit out of Word, and reopen it. Now when you look, Equestria should be right there.

It'll be in the main list of fonts, but you can also move your cursor over to Collections and grab it from your new folder.

Believe it or not, I spent at least 10 frustrated minutes wondering WHY my font wasn't appearing in Word, when all I had to do was close and reopen it! Ha!

Font Collections


All this Work for a Font

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Now What? Make Your Signs!

Use your new awesome font to make signs to go with your theme for all the games, activities, and food for your party!

1.) Write the Text for your Sign.

2.) Add the Border.

3.) Add the Pony.

Another key tip for making these signs is to send your border and pony behind text. This is absolutely necessary to line things up correctly! If you don't do this step, your border and pony will completely get in the way of the text, and bump the letters out of the way.

Here's how:

1.) Right click the picture.

2.) Go down and click Format Picture.

3.) On the left side, click Layout.

4.) Click Send Behind Text.

Now you can move things freely without changing the position of the text! Go ahead and make your awesome Equestria themed signs!

Here's One of My Fab Signs!

Note: The green grammar squiggle under 'Dash' isn't actually on the sign.  ;-)

Note: The green grammar squiggle under 'Dash' isn't actually on the sign. ;-)

Where Can You Find the Borders and Ponies?

There are a couple of places you can look for fun borders and pony pictures. FIrst of all, you can obviously use Google. Just do an image search for the My Little Ponies.

Another source for pictures is Flickr. I love to search in Creative Commons for these hubs so I can find pictures that are okay to use on the internet in my articles. There are many talented users on that site!

For borders, some search ideas are: "Rainbow Border", "Rainbow Star Border", "My Little Pony Border", "Birthday Border". Let me know if you find any other awesome borders with different search terms!!

My Little Pony


Who Are the Main My Little Ponies?

The main characters include the following:

Rainbow Dash (my personal favorite), Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, AppleJack, Fluttershy, and Rarity. In addition to the six friends, there's Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. If you'd like, you can also include two other members of the royal family: Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadence (Princess Mia Mora Credenza).

If you're inviting little boys to your party, and want some boy ponies (I totally did this), here are a few you could use: Big Macintosh, the Flim Flam brothers, Cheese Sandwich, Snips, and Snails.

My Little Pony Party Supplies

Friendship is Magic

The My Little Ponies show is called Friendship is Magic. What better theme could you choose for your little one's birthday party. My daughter turned four and it was absolutely perfect! We had a few of her best friends over, made snacks and treats to go with the theme, and played My Little Pony games and activities. I'll write all about the party in another hub, and there you'll also find my other signs in this sweet Equestria font!!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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