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How to Install ''Exodus'' on Kodi? Full Guide

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Exodus is the add-on on Kodi that allows you to watch online movies, TV and live shows.

Exodus searches the content you need online and streams for you from various service providers. So, the exodus is an excellent add-on to watch the latest movies and shows without wasting lots of hours from finding movies and shows. So, here are the steps to install exodus on Kodi.

For your information, keep Kodi updated for the latest optimizations and fixes. So download the latest version first and install it before doing these steps.

Before installing the Exodus add-on, check if you have enabled the option to install from unknown sources. See the image below.

How to Install Exodus on Kodi

  1. Open Kodi.
  2. Select settings.
  3. Open file manager.
  4. Select add source.
  5. Click on none.
  6. Now goto github and find ''i-a-c'' repository. Now, copy that link and press ok.
  7. Now, enter the name for this media as ''iac'' and press ok.
  8. Now, come again on the home screen.
  9. Now, select add-ons (left-hand side).
  10. Select browser (Open box type icon).
  11. Now, select Install from the zip file.
  12. Select ''iac.''
  13. Now, select ''''
  14. Wait for the installation and go ached to the steps after you see the installed notification
  15. Now, select Install from the repository.
  16. Select ''Exodus redux repository'' and go to video add-ons.
  17. Now, click ''install'' and wait for the installed notification.
  18. Now, in your add-ons section on your home screen, open exodus redux.
  19. Now, click on ''tools.''
  20. Click on settings: ''providers.''
  21. Click module provider source change it to lambda scrapers.
  22. Now open lambda scraper settings.
  23. Now, select enable all providers and press ok.
  24. And the setup is done now for the exodus add-on installation.

Most of the time, this process is not problematic at all. Still, sometimes it makes it challenging to install the add-on, so update the Kodi version and start from the first step again.

If the problem persists, check for the link and correct it if it’s not typed correctly. Check for the internet connection if it says download error. It applies to all windows versions, raspberry pie and fire sticks.

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