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How to Get rid of Water Mark Stains on Your Plasma/LCD/LED Television Screen


Many new TVs come with annoying water marks on the television screen. If you have have this issue, there are several ways to safely remove the water marks without ruining your new television. It may also help if you know the difference between plasma vs lcd vs led television as each comes with different specifications and features.

First, DO NOT use a wet wipe or any form of wipe that contains alcohol. They can leave permanent marks on the screen if you use them. The best way to go about removing water marks off your television screen is to simply use a microfiber cloth and warm water. First, apply a few drops of warm water on your cloth. Then slowly wipe the area of the question with the cloth. Soon enough, the water mark will start to disappear without leaving any permanent marks. Make sure you turn off your television, and unplug the power cord before you go through any cleaning process. The last thing you want is to get a nasty electrocution!

If the above method didn't work, check out your local grocery store for TV cleaning kits. These kits come with a special liquid spray and a pre-moistened wipe. Composed of distilled water and a tiny bit of alcohol, the kit enables you to quickly get rid of the water marks. The alcohol promotes the fast drying procedure as well. Never use products like Windex or any other glass cleaners. Also, don't apply too much liquid when you start wiping the water marks.

Most people have had success through the above two methods. If they didn't work, I would call up a local handyman who can use his professional expertise to solve your water mark issue. That said, do you know the difference between plasma vs LCD vs LED TVs? Plasma TVs are the oldest of the three but that should not keep you away because they are known to have the highest picture quality, especially when the monitor size gets bigger. LCD and LED are better suited for functional use. This is when the Smart TVs come in. Smart TVs function like a tablet. You can access internet service apps like Netflix and Pandora. If you are conscious of your carbon footprint, a LED or LCD TV would suit you more, because on average, the plasma TV consumes a lot more electricity. Plasma TVs are better suited for action scenes and sports, scenes which are generally fast-paced.

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