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How to Fix Slow Chrome Browser Problems on Windows 10

What Causes Poor Chrome Peformance?

If your Chrome browser is unresponsive, frequently freezes when loading pages, or is slow to accept text when you're typing emails or filling out forms, there are a few common causes:

  • Hardware acceleration issues on older devices
  • Poorly coded or broken browser extensions
  • A lack of drive space

Fixing these issues could make your browser run smoothly again.

Disabling Hardware Acceleration

Many Chrome performance problems are caused by the Hardware Acceleration feature. The first thing you should try is disabling that feature.

  • Open a new tab and type chrome://settings into the address bar
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Show advanced settings
Chrome's Settings Page

Chrome's Settings Page

Disable Hardware Acceleration

  • Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • If there is a tick in the Use hardware acceleration when available box, remove it
  • Restart the browser

You should notice an immediate improvement in the performance of your browser.

Disable hardware acceleration

Disable hardware acceleration

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Removing or Disasbling Browser Extensions

If you are still having issues with the performance of your web browser, try disabling all of your extensions, and then gradually re-enabling them to figure out which one is causing the slowdown. Also, try browsing with fewer tabs open to see if the issue is related to memory limitations.

You may find that Mozilla Firefox or Opera performs better on your computer, depending on its specifications.

Which Browser Do You Use?

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Turtle on January 24, 2019:

Thanks the hardware acceleration tip worked on my netbook. It was unuseable before

suhas on September 29, 2018:

It worked for me. Speed is comparatively far better now. Thanks for the suggestion.

Vet on May 04, 2018:

Tried it and it doesn't work

Bryon Patton on March 23, 2017:

Unfortunately, Google Chrome has compatibility issues with some windows 10 machines. No matter what you might try in order to speed up the slow loading of Chrome, it still takes a lot longer than it should. Until Google updates chrome to run better on win10... use FireFox - it loads very quickly and is also very reliable.

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