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How to Find Classmates on Facebook


Facebook has become universally recognized as an excellent way to stay in touch with classmates, both past and current. But a surprising number of people don't realize how simple it is to find former (or current) classmates on Facebook and add them as a friend. Facebook makes it very simple to find classmates, but if you aren't looking in the right place, it's possible to overlook the option. This article will show you how to browse through classmates as well as people who went to the same school as you before and after you did.

Facebook is an excellent place to stay in touch with friends. Finding new friends is also simple, thanks to Facebook's "suggested friends" feature, as well as being able to search for people you know. However, when it comes to finding classmates, it's a lot easier just to browse through a list of all your classmates than type their names one by one into the search bar.

Joining A Network

In order to find classmates, you first have to become a member of your school's network. This is a fairly straight-forward process. Log in to Facebook, and click on "Account" > "Account Settings" in the drop down menu at the top right. Then, click the networks tab. 


Once there, type the name of the school you want to find first into the box (you can do your elementary school, high school, or college). Chances are a network already exists for your school. You can then join it. Sometimes, college networks require an email address that ends with .edu, so make sure you have that handy.

Depending on the network's settings, someone in the network may have to confirm that you are who you say you are and actually belong in the network. If so, it may take a few days. You'll know you have been added to the network when it shows up on your profile like this:


Once you are in the network, it's time to search for classmates. This is the easiest part. Click on "Account" > "Edit Friends" in the menu at the top right. Then, click on "Find Friends" on the left.


Scroll down to the bottom and you will see a link for each network you are a part of that says "Find classmates from [network name]." Clicking that link will bring up a list of everyone in the network, all your classmates.


You can then search for friends within the network and also look at other grades by using the "year" drop down menu. This will give results of everyone who graduated in that particular year. The only step left is to add the people you find as your friend. So make sure you click "add friend" and you're done!

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