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How to Easily Delete Your Microsoft Account

The screen of Outlook app for iOS. Outlook is a very popular suite providing free email services, apps for managing your email, calendar and keeping organized all your tasks.

The screen of Outlook app for iOS. Outlook is a very popular suite providing free email services, apps for managing your email, calendar and keeping organized all your tasks.

Microsoft and Apple are two renowned companies working in the IT sector. Microsoft, in particular, is known for Windows (which is the leader operating system in the world, followed by Apple Mac OS and by Linux distributions), for Office productivity suite (which is, again, the most popular choice among users) and for various solutions dedicated to companies and enterprises (like Windows Server, Azure Cloud, Microsoft SQL Database, Visual Studio development tools and other products). Microsoft is also the owner of various popular online services, like Bing (the most popular alternative to Google search engine) and Skype (a service for making calls and video-calls that has been the leading app of this kind for several years, even before the full growth of social networks that already offer built-in features similar to those provided by Skype). In the past, Microsoft was also the owner of Windows Live Messenger, one of the most used chat tools that, before the full growth of social networking platforms, was the leading app for instant messaging, before being discontinued and incorporated into Skype.

Microsoft & Online Services

The first premise is important to understand that, contrary to the popular belief that Microsoft is mostly a software house producing most of the popular apps and operating systems we use everyday, the company has also a solid presence among online services, by being maybe the first direct competitor of Google. It may not be surprising to discover that many people own a Microsoft Account, independently from the fact they use it on a regular basis or not. Once, accounts were called Passport IDs, then Windows Live accounts, until the Redmond company started to refer to them simply as ‘Microsoft Account’. At the beginning, accounts were mostly used for chatting on Live Messenger or for registering licenses of purchased Microsoft products while, nowadays, accounts can be used for logging in to our Windows PCs, purchasing apps, movies and music on the Microsoft Store, playing on XBox and, in general, to manage our digital life within an ecosystem of services that is the most direct alternative to Google ones.


Do You Need Microsoft Account?

Despite the huge offer, it may be clear that not everybody may be using Microsoft services on a regular basis. This, due to several reasons:

  • you may be already using Google services, while still keeping Microsoft software on your PC, without using cloud features;
  • you may be an Apple user, so that you are already into this ecosystem and maybe you used to have a Microsoft account just for registering some old software licenses or using online services you don’t need anymore.

In this case, provided that you are really not relying on Microsoft ecosystem, you may find it useful to know how to easily delete your Microsoft account and have one less password to remember, while, at the opposite, you should keep it and, maybe, even start using other services you may already have an account for elsewhere.

How to Delete Your Microsoft Account

Deleting your Microsoft account is not a difficult task. Keep in mind that, once you have done it, you will not be able to access anymore your Outlook email, OneDrive data, backups of your Windows settings and other cloud services you are currently using, that’s why you should delete your Microsoft account only if you are completely sure you don’t need Microsoft online services anymore, including subscriptions to Office 365. Once you are ready, the steps to delete your Microsoft account are quite simple: you need to visit the specific page for requesting account deletion and log in to the Microsoft account you are going to delete. Then, you will have to confirm the checkboxes that appear, double check the account you are going to delete is the correct one, select a reason why you are closing your account then, finally, mark it as closed. From this time, you are out of the Microsoft online services ecosystem. Note also that, in case you own a Skype ID created before acquisition by Microsoft, you may need to tie it to your Microsoft Account before being able to close it.

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