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How to Create a Free Blog Without Hosting

How to Start a New Blog Without Hosting

Hello friends, in this post we will know that how we can earn by creating a blog for free, that too without any hosting and without any domain name, how can we create a blog, so let's know How to Start a New Blog without, How to Create a free blog.

If we want to create a blog for free, then we have to use a blogger platform, for this, we do not need any hosting, blogger provides hosting directly and here you can take as many domain names as you want for free, apart from here only You can create your own blog by taking a domain name.

Nowadays everyone is behind blogging, but there are some ways of good blogging, due to which Google helps to rank your post and more and more people get your post to your website. are some detail about it.

how to start a blog

how to start a blog

How to Start A New Blog in 2022

To start blogging, you must have an email id from which you use YouTube, in that you have to open the blog and start creating a blog.

How To Choose Best Domain Name

First of all, you have to take that domain that is being given for free by blogger and while choosing that domain you have to keep in mind which is related to what is being searched more. While taking the domain name you have to make the domain related to your NICHE which is related to your topic, the same domain is likely to rank higher.

What is a Website?

The web of information spread on the Internet is a website, we get different types of information on the website, as if we type anything in Google's search box, then many types of results come in front of us, the same results which Google gives us. They are on some website or the other, which Google brings before us, so the web of information spread on the Internet is the website.

What is URL

The information we get is taken from a website, which is the location of the website, it is called URL. Who is the URL through which we reach the proper information, the URL is different for every website, as soon as we share the YouTube video, then the link comes in front of us, we can also call it URL.

How Start A Free Blog & Blog Post

How to Start a Blog for Me

First of all, you have to go to Google's dashboard, in Google's dashboard you will see the option of Blog. You have to click on the blog option, as soon as you click, you will get the option to choose the title. After choosing the title, you will get the option to take a domain, there you type the word you want to select your domain, if that word is available, then you will get that domain, after that you will go to blogger's desktop and click on blogger. After going to the desktop, you will get the option to select a theme, you can start your blog by selecting a good theme.

How to Submit Blogger Sitemap

In Blogger's dashboard, you will have the option of setting in front of you, as soon as you click on the option of setting, many options will come in front of you, scroll down a bit, the option of Google Search Console will come, after going there you click a new window in front of you. After opening that window, you can add your property, there you have to type the URL of your blog and after typing the URL, you will directly add your properties there, after that as soon as your google search console will go to the dashboard. There you will get the option of sitemap, in the option of sitemap, put this code which is given you below and submit your URL instead of URL. And your blogger sitemap will be ready, apart from this you can learn completely how to create a sitemap by watching this video below.

How to Submit Sitemap & Meta tag

How to Create SEO Post on Blogger

You have to keep one thing in mind, after creating a blog, you have to do SEO well SEO comes in SEO, generating meta tags and submitting sitemaps, besides generating custom robot txt, etc. After doing all your blog starts appearing in Google.

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