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How to Create Apps for Beginners!

Need to Know Before Creating an App

Before creating an application, we will introduce the preliminary knowledge and preparations that you should hold down.

App type

Applications can be broadly divided into applications that are downloaded and run on terminals of various platforms and applications that run on web browsers.

Even for apps that run on various platforms, the tools and programming languages ​​used to develop them differ for each platform.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, you first need to decide " what kind of application you want to create " on which platform or browser.

If you're not sure which platform to choose, pick the one you own. It will be easier to check the created application

Once you have decided on the app you want to create, you need to learn how to use development tools and programming languages ​​in order to actually create it.

The next section briefly describes how to learn programming.


What you Need for App Development

App development requires preparation. Here are the 3 minimum requirements for app development.


A computer is required for application development. There are tools that can be programmed with a smartphone, but they can be inefficient .

If you want to do app development properly, be sure to prepare a computer.


A specification is a so-called blueprint for an app .

For example, even in the case of "Tap the home button of the application to move to another page", the following must be decided in the specifications.

  • button placement
  • button color and size
  • Processing when the button is tapped (whether the color changes, whether it dents, etc.)

If the specifications are not well defined, problems often arise during development. Creating specifications is an important process that clarifies the goal and creates a framework for it.

Terminal for testing

A test device is essential for app development.

You have to test whether the app actually works on your smartphone, computer, or game console, and fix the parts that didn't work well.

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Test items include the following.

  • function
  • UI (user interface)
  • Security
  • loading

3 Ways to Make an App

Created by Programming

This is the first method that comes to mind when you hear the word app development. When developing an application by programming, programming is done in the language according to the application you want to create.

Details will be developed later, but for example, the following languages ​​are used in application development.

  • Java
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Swift

The following article introduces how to choose an app development language and recommended languages ​​for app development beginners. Please refer to it as well.

Created with a game engine

If you want to create a game application, there is also a method of developing an application with a game engine.

Game engines already have basic functionality for creating game apps. Therefore, if you have some knowledge of programming, you can create a game application smoothly.

Unity is a popular game engine . If you're interested in game development, you've probably heard of it.

Unity can be developed in the programming languages ​​​​JavaScript and C#. It is a popular game engine due to its high customisability.

Created with an app creation tool

In recent years, "no-code tools" have become quite popular, and applications can now be developed without programming knowledge. Specifically, we offer the following services.

  • Glide
  • Adalo
  • bubble
  • Thunkable
  • Yappli

With these creation tools, you can intuitively create apps without writing code. It can be said that it is a recommended method

6 Steps to Create an App

Preparation of specifications

First, create a specification for the application to be created. The specifications include the following items.

App genre

Purpose of app development (target users, etc.)

Terminal (smartphone, PC, game machine) using the app

Screen size

Placement of buttons and images

Number of transition pages

sound effects and music

If the framework of such an application is not fixed, the development will not go smoothly . Be careful when creating specifications.

Prepare the development environment

Prepare the development environment according to the application to be created.

Typical development environments include:

  • Windows apps: Visual Studio
  • Android apps: Android Studio
  • Mac OS/iOS app: Xcode
  • Web browser app: Intellij IDEA
  • Game app: Unity.

Material preparation

Prepare materials such as images, sound effects, and music required for the application to be created. If you can't get it right away, it's a good idea to use a temporary image.


Programming based on specifications. We will create a program in the language that corresponds to the application and development environment to be created.


After programming is complete, test it. We will check the operation on the smartphone, PC, and game console that uses the app, and if the part does not work as planned, we will identify the cause and correct it.

Repeating such "testing → bug elimination", we will proceed to the completion of the application. This is the most persevering process, but repeating it will help improve your programming skills.


After passing the tests, it's finally time to release the app. Submit an application for publication on the App Store, Google Play, etc.

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