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Connect Samsung Galaxy S Mobile with Kies on your PC - The MTP Error

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I just got my new Samsung Galaxy S and have finally defeated the MTP device driver error and CDC driver error! I am now connected to Kies. I can't wait to start using this beast! It's arguably one of the most powerful smart phones in existence thanks to its 4 inch super AMOLED screen, 1GHz processor with tweaked instruction sets and unrivalled graphics performance. However, it and/or the software PC suite appears to have a major flaw...

Connecting it to my PC through Samsung Kies software is a total pain. A quick google of the issues reveals that I am not the only one. I'm using 64 bit Vista (x64) but I suspect the method I used to get connected may work with 32bit (x86) too. People on message boards seem to be universally complaining about the same thing.

At this point I would like to say, this may not help you. There are a number of different versions of the same phone out there, with different versions of android and thousands if not more pc, mac and other computer setups. Before you deal directly with drivers, have you tried:

1. upgrading to the latest version of Kies.

2. upgrading your version of .net (an MS Windows component) to the latest from the Microsoft website.

3. trying a different usb port. The SGS seems very sensitive to voltage and different usb ports around your computer supply fractionally different voltages.



In short, when I first connected the phone to my PC, I plugged in the Phone to the PC USB port and after twiddling thumbs for a while the PC tells me that the MTP device driver has failed. I assumed this was just going to be a quick issue, updated Kies to the latest version and tried again.

Same result. Next I tried connecting the Phone in USB debugging mode. SUCCESS! Connection established... "Please turn off USB debugging mode, Kies does not support connection in this mode" followed by being swiftly booted by Kies. Not only that but there appeared to be no sign of the phone in Windows either. In debugging mode, you usually see some signs the phone has been connected, even if you can't access the storage.

The next step was to open device manager on the PC. There was the MTP device, sure enough displaying an error. The usual step here is to right click and hit update drivers. This I did and was rewarded by a big fat nothing.

It checked but then told me I was using the latest drivers already. Clearly not, because they weren't working!



Sorting the Issue

The next and final option I used, the one that finally worked and I probably should have gone for right at the start was to manually get the right driver and instruct the device manager where to find said driver and hopefully get the whole mess sorted.

I could've just used the micro SD card to transfer everything, but pulling it out of the phone every time was going to be a major pain, not to mention not good for the card so I was determined to sort the issue.


After a bit of searching, (Google again) I finally found the right driver here:

  • x64 (64bit) version:
  • x86 (32bit) version:
  • This got me a zip file which I scanned with an AV (don't forget to do this!) and then unzipped to a folder I knew the location of (make sure its easy to find).
  • (Update courtesy of Tim) The x86 link gets you an exe file. This can be unpacked/"unzipped with 7zip freeware in exactly the same way as a zip file. The drivers should then work as the x64 does.
  • Navigate to device manager (control panel ->Device Manager or Administrative tools -> computer management -> device manager)
  • Navigate to "portable devices" or "MTP" in device manager, whichever one shows up with the error. There will probably be a little yellow error triangle on your device that has the problem.
  • Right clicking on the faulty MTP device in device manager and choosing "update driver software" gave me the option of searching automatically and browsing my computer manually. Search automatically had already failed so I hit browse my computer for driver software - the manual way*
  • I navigated to the folder I had unzipped the drivers into, ticked include subfolders and hit OK.

This time success! It loaded the drivers and indicated my I9000 (Galaxy S) device was connected... or not.

Note: I realise that it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through device manager to the manual update point. The following may help if manual updating is not immediately obvious:

  • Right click on the MTP device, click properties, navigate to the driver tab on the window that pops up, click update driver, if a window pops up that says "can windows connect to windows update to search for software?" click "no, not this time" and hit next.
  • Then tick "install from a list or specific location",
  • Then tick "search for the best driver in these locations"
  • untick search removable media and tick "include this location in the search"
  • Then hit "browse" and find the folder where you unzipped the drivers you downloaded earlier. Hopefully you will then be able to press "OK" when you have found the right folder although this is very temperamental.
  • When you have done this, hit "next" and the computer should do the rest.
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Update courtesy of Alesmine 26/10/10: A thread ( has suggested that the specific driver folder for Samsung phones is the "16_Shrewsbury" folder. If you cannot select the parent folder (i.e. the folder that you unzip the drivers into) try selecting the .inf files within the 16_Shrewsbury folder. There are 5 .inf files and 5 .cat files as well as 2 folders. You may have to select the .inf files one at a time and repeat the procedure for the other 4.



Up popped issue number two. CDC abstract control model drivers missing: load from cd. Well I didn't have a cd and a browse of google gave me nothing, updating this new issue automatically gave me nothing and Windows knew nothing. Dead End.

In desperation I repeated the right click in device manager. Browsed manually to the same driver folder as for the MTP device, hit ok and...problem sorted! Device connected, showing up perfectly in Kies (may it rot) and on Windows explorer.

I am connected and music is flowing. I have four movies on the phone and all that real estate of screen is a joy to behold!

  • Don't forget that you need to set the phone in Samsung Kies mode on the select USB mode. If this doesn't come up on the phone when you plug it in, unplug the phone, on the phone itself go to: applications -> settings -> About Phone -> USB Settings -> Samsung Kies and then replug the phone in. This USB setting can also be used for the mass storage mode simply by selecting mass storage instead. Location for this setting may have changed on later phones. Please also see applications -> settings ->wireless and networking ->USB Settings

I'm not a religious person but blessings heaped on whomever put that driver package together. I'm not guaranteeing it'll work for you but maybe it's worth a shot. Enjoy the phone!

Protect the Precious!

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Pharmg88 on April 10, 2014:

I truly appreciate this post. I've been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You've made my day! Thank you again! eedbgkd

Lymond (author) from UK on January 22, 2014:

No problem Joe, though I'm amazed this is still an issue for these phones!

Joe on January 19, 2014:

Thank You!!!!

guri on November 15, 2012:

i have s7562 duos not able to find the setting pls help

Jacqui T on October 04, 2012:

Recently got i9300 - kies sync between phone and outlook on my pc only brings approx 30% of calendar entries across from my pc. Also, on samsung calendar cannot view meeting attendees or who sent the invite...any suggestions would be appreciated.

naj on August 25, 2012:

very helpful

Lymond (author) from UK on May 10, 2012:

Hi Fern,

I don't have any experience with your specific problem but there are a few things you could try. Just a guess and could be wrong, but I take it the browser is Internet Explorer (IE)? If so, try a second browser, Firefox, Chrome and Opera are the three main other browsers. If the problem persists, try running a browser in add-on restricted/off mode, you may have to search for a 'how to' on this. Thinking here is that some add-ons to browsers are unstable with certain scenarios and this could be one of them.

let us know how you get on!

Fern on May 10, 2012:

Hi, I read all this and I just wanted explain my problem.... I Dl'd Kies on PC, Kies air on Samsung T959v... I'm trying to connect wirelessly maybe thats the problem but anyway, I get my mobile to authorize pc request my browser displays "website restore error"-- thats the far as it goes, i am unable access either through neither devices..... what do i do?

Lymond (author) from UK on May 03, 2012:

Hi Imran,

I couldn't tell you. My SGS2 plugged straight in no problems to every USB port on my computer. I assumed the problem had been largely sorted. It can't hurt to give out a go.

imran on May 03, 2012:


Does this suggested workaround also solve the same problem on samsung galaxy sII?

Payam on March 17, 2012:

Yeah, I've tried them all.. Nothing seems to be helping, the only thing that got me hoping was that driver that made my phone visible in explorer, but that's not really what I was aiming for.. =/

Lymond (author) from UK on March 16, 2012:

Hi Payam,

The SGS2 does have a software upgrade over 'air' (probably best over wifi) under "about phone - update" I've never tried it so can't vouch for it but that could be a solution to not being able to connect.

I assume you've tried other USB ports on your computer and all the other various fixes that are available on forums eg

The fix above unfortunately doesn't work for every phone and there are at least 5 other well documented fixes for the issue.

As an aside, when I first got my SGS2, when I plugged it in to my laptop there was no connection. I turned off the laptop power management of the USB ports (via device manager) and it's been fine on all ports ever since with a consistent 96mA draw. Oh and make sure the phone is 'awake' (i.e. on any of the desktop screens) when it's first plugged in.

Payam on March 16, 2012:

Yo, I just got fed up and tried to use the other file ( but the same thing there, it says it's not compatible with a 32-bit OS, which I believe when it's coming from that version, but the x86 is just mocking me! I want to connect to Kies, just once, so I can upgrade to ICS.. :(

Payam on March 16, 2012:

Hi again!

Yeah, I've tried it that way as well.. But it just installs and when i connect the phone with Kies on, it just says connecting forever, although I found my phone in explorer for the first time without having to switch to USB-debugging so I got kinda worked up and thought it had worked.. It hadn't! :(

I'm pretty sure this is a 32-bit comp, is it possible to have x64 then? I just googled and I got the impression all 32-bit win7 were x86, but I might be wrong?

Thanks for taking the time to help a desperate soul in these harsh times! (no, I'm not overdramatic! :)

Lymond (author) from UK on March 15, 2012:

Hi Payam,

Have you tried just double clicking on the x86.exe program and loading it that way? might work. Also are you sure you're x86? A lot of newer Windows 7 machines are x64.

Payam on March 15, 2012:

Yo Lymond!

Awesome page, but I've tried everything exactly as it says, although I'm using a SGS2 but i reccon it's the same problem, but my problem is that when I've extracted the x86.exe file and try to install the .inf-files one at a time it says that they cannot be installed as they are not compatible with 32-bit windows. I'm really just messed up at the moment, and really agitated.

PLEASE help? :)

swapnil dengale on February 17, 2012:

awesome dude..!!!!! helped me... just awesome... thank you..!!!:)

Lymond (author) from UK on February 01, 2012:

Hi All, unfortunately I don't have a Galaxy fit, mine is the i9000 so I have no idea whether the USB mode exists on the Galaxy fit. Anybody who has one worked it out yet?

Jack, maybe check around to see whether it really doesn't support that model or whether there is something else wrong.

DB you're not the first to complain about the outlook sync. A business phone this is not!

Jack on February 01, 2012:


I have a Galaxy Note. When I connect to Kies on PC, it recoginizes my phone but it says your phone is not supported in Samsung Apps. What to do?

Shrishti on January 24, 2012:


I have a galaxy fit GT-S5670 and I cant find the option of putting my phone on the PC mode, where can I find it?

Aurogra on January 20, 2012:

Hi thanks for this help, spent hours trying and failing this really helped, id be interested to know how people feel about there galaxy now?? Im not impressed


DB on January 15, 2012:

Karl - you're being too kind! I have had serious problems synchronizing Outlook 2007 calendar with Samsung Galaxy phone through Kies. Problems include: Randomly deleting appointments in Outlook calendar, removing categories from Outlook appointments, randomly moving appointments to different days, and the latest one - deleting exceptions to recurring appointments in Outlook and replacing them with the generic appointment from Kies. If maintaining calendars on two devices is important to you, Kies is NOT the tool!

Karl on January 13, 2012:

Without doubt the worst most infuriating piece of junk ever coded. Keis is the pits!!! Samsung should be ashamed to offer such a useless accompaniment to a masterpiece of mobile technology. Seriously not happy!!!

nick on January 05, 2012:

thanks :)

changing usb ports helped me haha.


vicky on January 04, 2012:

my problem is same as prasad......i own samsung galaxy fit and there's not any "usb settings" option in the phone!please tell me how to connect my phone to pc

Radek on December 21, 2011:

I made it running once I plugged the tablet to usb-2 port ... if I use usb-3 (the fast one that SHOULD be backwards compatible), mobile mtp device driver failed to install ...

afandi on December 13, 2011:

Help i just installed new Kies and i want to connect through my SGS 2.3.5 Doctor ROM v8.1, but nothing error is confirm, SGS just running to MTP application and try to connect to my PC, but nothing happen, if i use mass storage mode is fine. I try for your suggestion but anything is normal on my PC, i try differrent action by ask to google, but nothing change, so can you please help me my friend....

Lymond (author) from UK on December 11, 2011:

Hi Matt, thanks for the tip, that's something I had not considered when updating before!

Matt on December 09, 2011:

I spent 5 hours trying to get my PC to recognise my i9000 galaxy. Wish I'd found this page first - would have saved 4 hours 50 mins! (I was not using the primary USB). Thank you for having all this info in one place.

Just want to add further advice: after the upgrade my phone was constantly crashing, wouldn't send texts and even struggled to make calls(!) I worked out one of my apps was incompatible with the new firmware. Fortunately it was on the SD-card and when I deleted it (using a card reader on my PC) the phone went back to normal. So, you should move all your apps to the memory card before updating the firmware.

Kaspars Kalnenieks on December 08, 2011:

thanks, mate! your post really helped me a lot! cheers!

athar durrani on November 24, 2011:

Try updating to window media player 11.

alesmine on November 23, 2011:

Customer service? Donnow exactly, I haven't investigate.

Probably it's due to product registration.

Anyway, I wanted to put a finger on different way to relate with customer.

Lymond (author) from UK on November 23, 2011:

Hi Alesmine, great to see you back with an update. What is this Customer Service you speak of?

Ah well, at least as Rich says, we now have over the air firmware upgrades, however, it'll probably brick my phone the first time I try it.

alesmine on November 23, 2011:

I owned Galaxy S, a neverending story to connect it, and customers left completely alone with problems, as the more of you know. I owned HTC and nokia phones too and all connect well. Galaxy problems are too much. If you are reading this it means you are struggling yourself to solve something wrong that you haven't done, after have spent hundreds of $. Tell me why.

Ah ah ah I am happy with my LG P920.

Extremely happy. Following is something special, dedicated to galaxy owners: yesterday I have been advised directly by LG via email for a new android version (firmware update).

Phone can download itself updates with wifi or with PC. PC connection and data synchro never have had troubles.

Rich on November 15, 2011:

Firmware Over The Air upgrade is available at last. There is also now a MAC version of the dreaded Kies. I am not sure if it is safe to use it though.

Lymond (author) from UK on November 09, 2011:

Prasad, if the s5670 is like the i9000, with the phone unplugged, go ' settings' then 'wireless and network' then 'usb settings' then 'samsung kies' then exit to home screen and plug the phone in

Prasad on November 09, 2011:

Hi Lymond. I am a new user of samsung galaxy fit s5670 and i had upgrated my phone to GINGERBREAD.And i have Samsung KIES PC SUIT Which i had got with my phone.When i Connect my phone to PC SAMUNG KIES Tells me to connect the phone in (PC suit mode).But there is no any PC Suit option in my Phone.MY USB debugging Mode is off

Please Help me out to connect my phone to PC.

kalgonda patil on November 07, 2011:

mr. you did much!

I like your exereme end result getting touch!

I am of same nature,

i hav pop gs5570;

the local samsung engineers are also not well educated bu samsung; just getting salary; not cooperating at counter;

samsung kies is part of installation cd;

it ask internet; it is shame full;

if one has internet then we can get drivers;

recently I have seen NPC STUDIO IT DO NOT requier internet;

your search only drivers is best what I was trying, one is not interested in hole software; requiered only coneect internet through dailup

thanks lot

if you get time please comment to

kalgonda patil kolhapur maharashtra; 9372638133

Lymond (author) from UK on November 06, 2011:

hi xen,

Not that I expect it to fix your problem but I've got Kies version

xen on November 06, 2011:

using galaxy sI9000,with kies,on windows xp.

device is not connecting with kies,its not appearing,simply!

will appreciate any help!if possible!

swaroopa on November 03, 2011:

thank u

Lymond (author) from UK on October 31, 2011:

Apologies for the late replies, BT is even worse than Samsung!

P_eggy, I can't advocate this as a sure method but personally, I would probably remove the drivers from my computer and go through the process of getting the computer to recognise the phone and load the drivers all over. However, this may not solve the problem and might very well make it worse.

Rafa, is the phone/computer connection working, can you transfer files and otherwise perform normal operations in Kies?

Yoann, you're right, it's a long story.

Misterjohn, hopefully you'll have no problems, I do agree about Kies, though quite frankly, I've never found connection software to be any good. Creative was clumsy and limited, Itunes was restrictive and a PITA to remove, Phillips go gear was non functional, Kies is pointless apart from Android updates. The best was Archos G-mini - no software, just a folder.

I manage with Kies because I never really use it.

misterjohn on October 30, 2011:

Three days ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy S 5.0 - an impulse purchase to complement my iPod Touch (a larger screen - easier to read).

I have now strayed into the world of Samsung Kies. GOD! What a nightmare! How do these people ever keep a job - let along sell mobile phones.

I have friends with Galaxy S phones. The Galaxy S II looks good. But how on earth do they manage with this non-functioning, incomprehensible software. (I understand that Galaxy Tab returns are running at seven times the rate of iPads - and I can quite understand why. If I can't get this thing to accept music and videos from either my MacBook or Windows 7 desktop or laptops, back it goes!)

Yoann on October 19, 2011:

It's been a long time since you've posted, but thanks a lot for the link to get the drivers, this worked for me today !

Rafa on October 17, 2011:

I can't sync my sumsung galaxy to my PC windows xp. do I need to download the driver?

ellie on September 29, 2011:

thank u so much

P_eggy on September 23, 2011:

I'm totally FED UP! I've tried everything that I find but still can't fix the problem.

I was able to use kies once when I just bought SGS, but I had problem not being able to download stuff from market, so I Googled and factory reset my phone.

Now, new problem! Phone's connected with USB, Phone says "connected" and charging, but pc can't detect phone.

Btw I'm stuck after download x86 (32bit) version.


Pankaj on September 20, 2011:

Latest samsung kies is not able to upgrade my phone GT-I5801 to PDA:JP6/PHONE:JP2/CSC:JP6(INU).

shnorky on September 13, 2011:

tnx man you helped me a lot too your great !!

Madhu on September 10, 2011:

Hi Lymond,

Your steps were a great help just now! I installed the drive on windows 32 bit and it worked fine (though I ended up with an exe download rather than a zip file, and clicked on the exe to separately install the driver - not from device manager. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to write this up.



Lymond (author) from UK on September 04, 2011:

Hi Ana, Just a guess, but its more likely to be an software fault than a virus. Can you describe what actually happens when you switch the wireless on including any messages about forced closing you get?

Thanks Alibaba, I think you're the first person to report that they got the CDC error too!

Alibaba on September 04, 2011:

Thanks soooo much! This worked! Of course I got the CDC error as well - but I followed your advise. Cool. You were a blessing. Thanks again.

ana on September 03, 2011:

Hi I have a problem with wireless it seems like have a virus or something like that,,, when i i try to turn on the wireless ... error puts, i don't know what to do?? it's not working?

Lymond (author) from UK on August 25, 2011:

Hi Tanveer,

The solution works only for some 32bit Windows and some 64bit windows, it does not seem to work for everybody though. Unfortunately it has worked for me every time on 4 different Windows operating systems including Win7 x64 and Vista x86... I'm sorry it hasn't worked for you but as the 200 or so comments above may indicate, it hasn't always been successful and without a non working system to experiment with, I've kind of given up. There are quite a few other solutions available, hopefully one of those can work for your SGS...

Tanveer on August 25, 2011:

Dear Laymond.

thanks for guide, i have purchased Samsung Galaxy S and suffering from same problem.

but regret you have resolved only 64 bit window MTP problem, in 32, provided solution, not resolving the issue. Please look in to the matter.


Sjoukje on August 19, 2011:

Thanks don't know how but it worked.

alesmine on July 25, 2011:

Hello Lymond

There's no much to say: high end phone has a top hardware, every app runs smooth without problems, I give more importance to display. I think amoled still lead, galaxy S2 can be a good choice.

If you like imaging then choose a top camera, like sony or nokia.

If interested on 3d, actually there's no choice, LG P920 rules. I haven't seen evo3D, but all test on the net confirm LG on top about 3d.

About the phone itself I like a lot, there are not important lacks (like a bluff gps or mtp error on galaxy S). All seems to be good. About features there are a lot of stuff on the net, what you can't find is that it does not need a software like kies (only drivers, then you can see it as an usb memory), upgrades are downloaded directly on the phone via wifi when available.

If you want more detailed impressions, just ask

Lymond (author) from UK on July 23, 2011:

Nice!! let us know how it goes! 5 months til I have to decide whether to get another Galaxy or something different...

Alesmine on July 23, 2011:

I did it.

Problems finished.

LG P920 3D.

Lymond (author) from UK on July 20, 2011:

"Hold it the 'right' way, you moron" (quote Steve Jobs)?

Iberkenbosch from Amsterdam, Netherlands on July 20, 2011:

Nice read. Do you have something for the Iphone aswell?

Lymond (author) from UK on July 14, 2011:

Thanks PHPice! Good news

PHPice on July 14, 2011:

you can connect to PC without Samsung KIES !

you need to do this: Settings > Applications > Development and turn on USB debugging.

now you will need the drivers and you will find the drivers here:

shafri on July 10, 2011:

same old thing, A Gio supposed to have an update firmware, but when you follow the steps given and at the last minutes, connection lost ? )~

James on July 06, 2011:

Thankyou, excellent post.

Adam on June 23, 2011:

I feel I have tried everything. I can't get my phone to connect with mass storage even. I get the message "device drivers was not successfully installed" I tried the steps in your post to install the driver. When I click to install it says "windows has determined the driver software is up to date". Yet it still doesn't work.

I've tried deleting all files > 16 characters, re installed kies, updating .net framework, tried every usb drive.

I've looked through other responses for hours with no luck. Please help.

Ghoti on June 23, 2011:

A million SanX for your precious help!

Lymond (author) from UK on June 20, 2011:


I'm guessing the lost contact part is where the update interrupts the phones connection to the PC to update that part of the OS. A friend of mine with this problem solved it by using a different computer. It seems to be part and parcel of a delicate connection between the computer and phone.

wadiey on June 19, 2011:

can somebody help me up

i can connect my sgs to kies able to upgrade to 2.3. kies ask me to back up myfile. after that kies download the firmware after that suddenly lost connection between my phone and kies. i try again but this thing keep anyone know what wrong

Lymond (author) from UK on June 08, 2011:

Hi Ashley, the i9000 will start to charge as soon as you plug in the usb lead (computer to phone). As far as I'm aware, there is no specific charge mode.

Have you tried:

on the phone itself go to: applications -> settings -> About Phone -> USB Settings -> Samsung Kies and then replug the phone in. This USB setting can also be used for the mass storage mode simply by selecting mass storage instead.

This function may also be located in applications -> settings -> wireless and network ->USB settings.

Ashley on June 08, 2011:

I connect my fone and it goes to charge mode, it wont connect at all, tried all the different options and still nothing, even restarting the pc and the fone did nothing !!

HELP !!!

Lymond (author) from UK on May 29, 2011:

Hi Hong,

Is it possible you haven't selected "connect usb storage" when it shows on the phone screen after you have plugged the phone into the computer and selected mass storage?

You should see the green android with a usb symbol for its arm and the connect usb storage message at the bottom of the screen.

Sometimes if it doesn't show, connect the phone, select mass storage from the menu, then immediately disconnect the phone simply by taking the wire out and then plug it back in again. The correct screen should then hopefully show.

Hong on May 29, 2011:


If I used the Mass Storage, I can see both the internal and external drives but the message I got is they are not ready!!

What is happening?

Gyurci on May 25, 2011:

I have the same issue. OMG I used to have LG gt540 optimus, and I had to the following steps to work with my PC:

connect Optimus

run LG PC Suite

do what you want

Samsung software is annoying!!!!!

Lymond (author) from UK on May 16, 2011:

this is interesting... have you tried?

Lymond (author) from UK on May 16, 2011:

Hey Alesmine, this whole thing is just not happening for you is it? The answer is yes...but it involves root and odin...= at least voided warranty (with options) and at worst a brick...

alesmine on May 16, 2011:

another thing yet.

I use kies only and xclusively for firmware update, as there are much better software for sync (android sync or my phone explorer).

If there is another way to upgrade firmware without kies, please post it.

alesmine on May 16, 2011:

I hate kies.

1. phone + kies worked fine, no problem.

2. uninstalled kies to upgrade it at the new version.

3. Nothing work now.

start all mtp procedure again, lazy, so tired. again.

4. I hate kies. No more samsung phones.

D Dwivedi on May 08, 2011:

"Then i connected the usb cable to my pc (not the phone just the cable) turned off my phone, then connected and started the phone. Then it automatically turns in mass storage mode, installs some drivers. Then i reconnected using Kies mode on phone, it installed some more drivers and now it works great."

Hi Thijs,

Billions of thanks pal. I used to get connected to Kies from the day one. After a few months (May be after firmware upgrade to 2.2 or may be Kies upgrade to 2.0) the damn thing stopped connecting. Mass storage mode was fine. Kies always prompted that this is not the supported mode but in Kies Mode it kept "Connecting" perpetually.I tried every thing including factory data reset.All kinds of drivers- virtually every thing under the sun or in computer/on net.

Thanks to your magic Mantra Viola !!!! One click fix !!

Dr. D.Dwivedi

Nicolas on May 06, 2011:

Hi there

and thanks for this very interesting thread

I have a Galaxy S I900 with FROYO.BVJP8

I could connect it to my home comp but a my office for some reason I get the MTP error no matter what I try.

So far it works only in mass storage mode, which is OK for photos or mp3s, but I'd love to use Kies or even Windows Media with my phone.

First, I have Windows XP Professional SP3 (32 bits)

Here's what I've tried :

- updating .net frameworks

- installing the latest kies version

- installing Microsoft Active Sync

- trying each and every USB port

- installing the above mentioned drivers manually using the right folders

but none of those solutions worked.

I don't like to give up, but now I don't know what to do..

Any suggestions ? thanks in advance

BizmoN on April 22, 2011:

Firstly, I'm not a tech head... just a dude who fiddles with computers... So this is fix is a little wordy and random like me...

but Kries opps, I mean Kies (using windows xp) is now synced with my Samsung galaxy s GT-19000.

Step one: make sure you have Kries

My phone was contected through USB and the phone was in MTP mode for kies.

As, I gave up on anything working to fix this syncing issue.... I went to uninstall kries and for some reason I decided to goto add/remove software

instead of using the kies uninstall... While in Add/Remove, I noticed the driver itself was it's own program and had been installed (I'm thinking most problems for all lie here).

So I uninstalled the driver through add/remove software and left Kries installed

After uninstall was complete, I first used this older driver (trial and error ya know) found here:

x86 (32bit) version:

x64 (64bit) version:

but that didn't work either ( but, I'm not sure if that is a important step or not, to finally getting it working (it's just what I did) up to you if you do it)

then I used the build in Kies "install driver" utillity under tools...

Now goto device manager... ( Control panel --> system --> hardware tab --> device manager for you noobsters )

and you'll still see the yellow "!" is still there with the MTP driver under portable Devices...

not to worry... (though I did at first!)

now, right click the driver and choose update, then let MicroSoft help you find the driver,

so choose "yes this time only", then "choose install the software automactically...

after that... the magic should happen.... let me know if this worked out for ya! goodluck!

Lymond (author) from UK on April 20, 2011:

Yair, thanks for your posts, another to the list...

yair on April 19, 2011:

After few more hours, here is the solution.

I removed from the system libusb-win32

restart and everything ok.

You can add that to the list of solutions


Yair on April 19, 2011:

Hi Lymond,

This thread has become the master of trying "solving MTP issues"

I get the MTP problem and I am not able to resolve it.

System - Win XP SP3, latest Kies SW

Phone - Galaxy S, basic SW is Froyo

I have tried the following till now:

1. removing/installing Kies and the associated driver files

2. Remove all file names with more than 16 characters

3. Reset to factory default

4. Moved through all USB ports

5. Used the USB cable provided with the phone.

6. running umdf.exe - gives an error that I have a more updated file

The only way out is MyPhoneexplorer

I noticed that I when I use "MyPhoneexplorer" it sees more files than I see in Explorer. Still I want to use Kies.

Any other suggestions?



Lymond (author) from UK on April 06, 2011:

Well connected no problem to Windows 7 pro 64bit took under a minute from connecting phone to it being available in Kies. Updated to Froyo 2.2.1 and am very well pleased with the speed increase, the lag fixes and general usability. Some people have had issue though so be warned!

Liam on March 26, 2011:

Ridiculously easy to fix issue once I got here!

Thank you!

Lymond (author) from UK on March 25, 2011:

Hey Alesmine,

Nice to see you back, great that your phone now works. I've not got the update yet, having some computer issues (I don't have one :-)

Alesmine on March 24, 2011:

Back again.

Today phone returned from service.

Perfectly repaired, connection OK at first attempt with kies and androidsync. Tryed several modes (debug, kies, mass storage), all perfect.

Frojo 2.2.1 runs fast, very well.

Lymond (author) from UK on March 21, 2011:

Surajbhise, not quite sure what you're getting at here. Are you trying to connect the phone to the internet? or just connect the phone to the computer? Also are we talking about the right phone? That looks like Galaxy 5 which is the GT I5500 phone not the Galaxy S which is the i9000.

surajbhise on March 18, 2011:

I m having problem when I want to connect my Samsung galaxy 5 with pc internet. It gives OS error while connecting 2 the internet via kies on pc. Help me.

Fauji on March 05, 2011:

Helpful link and excellent instructions.

Had MTP (code 10 error) on Vibrant (T-Mobile) 2.1. The link you gave did not solve the MTP error at first but helped with debugging enabled. Kies mini upgraded the phone in debugging enabled.


barbara on February 26, 2011:

install windows media player 10 and new version Kies . That did the trick for me.. On Microsoft Windows, MTP is supported in Microsoft Windows XP if Windows Media Player 10 or later versions are installed. Windows Vista has MTP built-in. Most MTP-compatible devices do not appear through drive letter assignment in Windows Explorer, instead they will appear as "devices" in Windows Explorer.

Alex on February 21, 2011:

Thanks man

JoeLeTaxi on February 19, 2011:

Windows 7 X64 Ultimate

Thanks for this. Also works for Galaxy tab. MTP error first - install Galaxy S driver - then W7 knows to go to find the correct driver and finds the GT1000 correctly!

Why it cant recognise the Tab first off I dunno, hey ho - good find!

Brendon on February 19, 2011:

For the benefit of anyone else with Windows 7 64bit getting the 'Retrieving the COM class factory' error (as per alesmine above) when trying to sync their contacts with Outlook: I fixed this today by installing Synchronization-v2.0-x86-ENU.msi from (it's the last item on the Download list on that page). Hope this helps.

Roof on February 12, 2011:

Thank you so very very very much

Dave on February 10, 2011:

Updating to 2.2 right now using Kies. This is what worked for me:

1. Except for disabling anti-virus and firewall (I know Windows wouldn't survive long without these), followed instructions up to "Upgrade the device to KA6" step on

2. Kies closed. Follow

3. Plugged phone in, let it install more drivers.

4. Unplug phone

5. Start following at "Upgrade the device to KA6" on

Trying to manually install the x64 driver didn't work. Windows claimed the driver was "up to date". I never got the "mtp usb device" driver to work (still has the yellow triangle).

Thanks everyone who posted answers!

Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit, ASUS CG5270

Running as an Admin (temporarily)

Upgrading from Android 2.1(T959UVJI6).

Wonder on February 05, 2011:

This worked for me:

Unmount all SD (internal and external) and connect to Kies. Instantly recognized my vibrant and then I updated to 2.2!

Hope this helps someone else who was struggling like me.

Mantas on February 05, 2011:

I used multiple things to solve this (installed custom drivers, .net4, hard reset). Nothing worked. Then after I plugged phone accidentally I selected kies, but kies wasn't running. And mtp drivers were installed without any problems and my phone was connected. Then I started kies and it found my samsung!

Jahrome on January 30, 2011:

these guys know their stuff one try and my phone hooked up no problems

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