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How to Close Facebook Account


How to deactivate or delete your Facebook account

How to close your Facebook account

How to close your Facebook account

How to Close your Facebook Account

This hub is going to show you how to close your Facebook account. Everyone knows that Facebook is the #1 social networking site in the world. There are literally millions and millions of people on the site. You can 'friend' anyone from co-workers, long-lost relatives, old high school friends, old boyfriend/girlfriend-you name it. It is obviously a great place to re-connect with friends or family members you haven’t heard from in awhile, or stay closer to the ones that you see almost everyday.

Reasons why you might close your Facebook account

Why would you want to terminate your social networking account? It is such a great social media tool that you would think it’s rare for someone to do it. But there are indeed some people who have had just enough, and some of these reason may be but are not limited to:

  • Some people that request you may not really be friends. These people requesting you may just be acquaintances and the only reason why they requested you is just to be nosy and try to know about what’s going on in your life. Do you really want these types of people 'friending' you?
  • Posting excessive pictures. You may be tired of seeing everyday someone post a new picture of what's going on in their life. Sometimes you might find it to be fun and cool seeing what they are experiencing, but if it's constantly everyday you might start to think people are just being vain and do not want to deal with it.
  • You are tired of reading people’s annoying news feeds. Every time you log on you notice someone’s annoying new score on FarmVille, MafiaWars, SongPop, or some other facebook integrated game. Or they may rant how badly their day was, and looking for some reassurance which you really don't care to give them, or see how other people cater to their beckoning call.

Well, there might be numerous reasons to call it quits, and I only named a few. But there is a solution if you want to close your account. But first, there are two ways to end your account: delete your account or deactivate your account.

How to deactivate your Facebook account

If you deactivate your account, your profile and information will be instantly inactive. Your timeline and information will be removed from Facebook. Your friends won't be able to find you or your stuff. Your information will not be lost however, and you will be available to recover whenever you so choose.

Step 1: Click on Gear Icon on top Right corner of main Facebook page and Select Account Settings


How to deactivate your Facebook account video

Facebook Dating

Are you leaving Facebook because you're looking to find a friend but can't find one? Or are you looking for a possible relationship but having difficulties?

You could try sign up and try Facebook dating and see if you can find someone to chat with and see if you have any similar interests.

Who knows? You might find someone special.

How to reactivate your Facebook Account

If you have deactivated your Facebook account but have decided you want to come back? Sure, no problem. All you have to do is log back onto your account, no questions asked.

Can't remember your password? You can request a new password here: request new facebook password.

How to permanently delete your Facebook account

You also have the option to delete your Facebook profile permanently. If you want to do that you can follow this link on Facebook to delete

But there is a chance if you decide you do not want to really delete your profile and lose all of your pictures and information. Facebook gives you a 14 day period to not log-on. If you do log-on, all if forgiven and your profile is saved. But you if do not, your information will be lost for good.

I hope you found this information useful if you are indeed wanting to close your Facebook account. Or, if you just wanted a good laugh to see some of the reasons why someone would ever fathom it!

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