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How to Cancel a Subscription on iPhone

How to Cancel a Subscription on iPhone

How to Cancel a Subscription on iPhone

iPhone is, together with Android devices, one of the two most used smartphones in the world. The Apple ecosystem has conquered many users thanks to the intuitive and easy configuration, high quality devices and a good technical support. iPhone, like Android devices, allows people to download free and paid apps from a specific online store: the App Store. In this way, users are able to extend the capabilities of their smartphone and install several kinds of software, just like they would do with a PC, with the additional safety made by the fact only apps checked and approved by Apple are listed on the store. One of the various paid features of the App Store is the ability to apply for subscriptions in order to make recurrent payments inside apps. For example, subscriptions to music streaming services, paid apps, movie streaming platforms or other products provided on a recurring payment license can be managed through the built-in App Store subscriptions service. The advantage of this service is that all your subscription are billed to your Apple account (instead of managing multiple billing accounts at the different providers) and you have everything under your control. With this in mind, it may happen that you decide to cancel a subscription when you don’t need it anymore: maybe you no longer need an app you were previously using, you may want to listen only to your purchased music and no longer subscribe to a streaming service, in general, you don’t want to continue paying for something you previously subscribed to through App Store. This article is going to show you how to cancel a subscription on an iPhone.

Spotify is an example of app offering a paid subscription services for streaming unlimited music

Spotify is an example of app offering a paid subscription services for streaming unlimited music

1.) Make Sure You Are Connected To The internet

In order to cancel a subscription on an iPhone, you will need internet connection: in fact, subscriptions are associated only with your Apple ID and there is no offline syncing with your phone. Without internet connection, you will not be able to even see your active subscriptions.

2) Open The App Store & Access Your Account

You should open your App Store and then click on your user avatar at the top right. You will then see your Apple ID overview. From here, you can directly access to Subscriptions section. Here you can see your subscriptions divided in two categories:

  • enabled subscriptions: those you are currently paying for, including subscriptions you have canceled but are still active for the current month, without future renewals;
  • expired subscriptions: those subscriptions you have canceled and that are also expired. This section is basically a history showing your past subscriptions.

3.) Cancel Your Active Subscription

In the section showing your active subscriptions, look for the one you want to cancel. Then, you have two options:

  • you can change the type of subscription, if there are other ones you can choose, like a cheaper one that best suits your needs or one that is paid on a different schedule, like switching from a monthly to a yearly subscription or vice versa;
  • you can cancel your subscription: in this case, you will continue to benefit for it until its expiration for the current period, then it will be not renewed and it will be moved to the Expired section at the end of the period.
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How To Deal With Accidental Renewals?

Now that you know how to cancel a subscription on iPhone, a relatively simple task you can do in few seconds, let’s take in consideration the situation in which you have tried an app, then deleted it because you have found it was not useful for your needs, but forgot to cancel the subscription. How to do if it gets renewed automatically but you simply forgot to cancel it? Actually this is more difficult to happen than in the past, as when you cancel an app on your iPhone, you are receiving a message asking what to do with eventual subscriptions associated to that app: still it may happen to forget about unused subscriptions, especially if you don’t instead decide to delete the app, but to keep it for an eventual use without a paid subscription. In this case, you can refer to the official procedure for asking for a refund: still, keep in mind that refunds are based on the decision of Apple and on the specific terms of service: while refund procedure is still available for accidental renewals, it is still better not to forget about subscriptions you intend to cancel.

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