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How to Cancel Payments on Lyft App Saving Subscription

I've been using Lyft for a couple of years now. Using the App can be tricky for subscription cancellation.



It is great that there are transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft are so readily available now. I’m not endorsing either Lyft or Uber but I admit I do use them very often. I’m not badly handicapped, but I am a little handicapped so the service from time to time allows me the luxury of getting from place to place when I do not have my car available and the distance is too far for me to walk.

Saving Money on Lift

There are various ways to save money when you use lyft. One of which is through a lift subscription discount. A recent one that came along was where Lyft charges you a $14.99 per month fee and in return gives you 10% off all rides for that month. It auto-pays month to month. . Keep in mind, if you are paying 14.99 monthly over the course of the year and more than $150 per year in Lyft rides it could be a good deal. I noticed this fee $14.99 on my credit card form. In the short term, this was a good summer deal for me as I use the service a lot in the summer. The rest of the year though I do not use Lyft as extensively, so I’d be throwing the $14.99 fee away.

Cancelling the $14.99 Subscription on Lyft App

Cancelling the $14.99 Subscription through your Lyft App is not hard but it is not as easy to stop your payments as you think. You sort of have to looks closely for it as, at least for me it wasn’t real obvious.

I tried to look on the actual website on my PC, while logged in of course, and I couldn’t find how to cancel my Lyft subscription

The Step to Take to Close Subscription and Stop Payment

Follow the following sets to end your Lyft subscription through the Lyft smart phone app.

Open Lyft App on Your Smartphone

I’m using an Android (Samsung) cell phone by the way. So this article is definitely tailored for a Android application. My guess is though, that an iPhone has a similar process when is comes to cancellation of a plan.

Press on the 3 Dashes

Click on the 3 Dashes in the upper left Corner of Screen. Now, here is the tricky, but simple, part. Click on “Settings” Do you see it? If not swipe to the bottom of your able too see it because your screen doesn’t extend that far.

Press Settings

Again, swipe to the bottom if you don’t see "settings". When the Settings screen appears find the subscription you are looking for in my case it was “Smart Savings Plan” located about the center of the screen.The image below is a screenshot from my phone of where the settings location is. Look to the bottom of the screenshot below.

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Where the Setting Are (Scroll down if you do not see it)

Where the Setting Are (Scroll down if you do not see it)

Press the Name of your plan (In my case, it is called the Smart Savings Plan)

Once you are seeing this screen you should be able to cancel your subscription. Once you cancel, your payments will stop and, at least in my case, Lyft will give you the option of getting a refund or using the subscription to the month’s end.

Renewing the Lyft Savings Subscription Offer

If you want to start your savings subscription all over again just do this process again and there will be an option to resume the Offer

Dashes on upper left of screen

Dashes on upper left of screen

Do You Prefer Lyft or Uber?


You can really save money if your Lyft expenses warrant the subscription rate. If that math works for you, I say give it a try. If the math in the long run does not work out, refer to this article to quit the subscription. You will save your hard earned money as we'll as a few headaches. I tired calling their customer care phone number to cancel but there were zero humans to speak with at Lyft, at least at the time of this article.

Good luck . If you have questions or other suggestions feel free to comment.

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harold broder on December 21, 2019:

impossible to cancel lyft pink-- have been trying for 2 days. Kindly cancel my lyft pink.

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