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How to Become An Excellent Technical Support Engineer


The daily work processes consist of the interaction between the Dev team and the Support Team. The Dev team handles the design, building, testing and maintenance of our products.

The support team handles the interaction of every existing and potential customer with the products, by assisting and troubleshooting every kind of question or issue they might have. A high technical level is expected for every support member.

You are expected to gain an advanced understanding of the products be it the problem category, front-end platform issues, architecture, design, features etc.

This will be done through daily tackling of Support issues ranging from simplest ones to advanced and hard tasks, testing and hard work from your side, the orientation of your support manager, your interaction with the dev team, weekly meetings and other forms of skill-sharing our team will organize i.e., presentations, assignments etc.

Based on your goals and improvement objectives you will organize your workday, which will start with assigning tickets to yourself and having your team manager assign tickets to you. You are expected to investigate and research the nature of the customer issue, aiming to reproduce the same scenario. Testing is particularly important, aim for smart testing and be detail oriented.

Whenever you are facing any obstacle and are not sure how to advance with a difficult ticket/scenario you are expected to:

1. Make sure you have followed the basic Investigation Flowchart.

2. Have done extensive research and thought of one or more workarounds or ideas.

3. Ask for any ideas or input from your Manager. The main idea here is to present what you have tried and what ideas you have. Don't expect the manager to solve this for you.

4. If we are still not able to advance after your manager's input, do not directly ask for help from the Developers unless you know what you are talking about or without discussing this first with your manager. It is important you first understand the nature of the problem and learn to ask the right questions.

5. Do not jump asking order. You cannot be going directly to the Lead Developer or your manager's manager, without your manager knowing about it or unless you are told so explicitly.

Your internal objective in Technical Support, is to have the technical knowledge to challenge our Development team. The daily goal should be to have no tasks left open/unassigned/unresolved. Second, every support member should finish what they start.

The support team's main focus is the customer. Every user that has reached out with any question or technical issue of any kind is expected to receive a response in one business day.

This is the list of basic checks to go through to become a better problem solver:

- Stay a beginner and always ask why> --> Do I do this when facing problems?
- Always ask why? Question the motives. --> Do I do this when facing problems?
- Deconstruct the problem to its simplest form and chunks. Why is this? What can I do to this?
- Think before doing. --> Do I do this?
- After: Why didn't I think of exploring alternative ways to do this task? How can avoid having this happen again?
- When solving problems, think about what you could do, not what you should do?
- Always thinking of optimizing a process for better results.
- Develop the skill of being uncomfortable. Knowing you can and will get through it is important.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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