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How to Adjust Download Settings on an Android

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Android devices have the excellent ability to provide access to the internet for various different purposes. It is perhaps the reason why the android platform is the most popular among the mobile platforms. By having the knowledge on how to adjust download setting on any android device, the user has far reaching benefits.

The internet capabilities on android are such that android users can download many different types of files directly to their tablets and smartphones. The download and internet capability of the android phones and tablets also comes at a cost. Data charges are exorbitant and thus uncontrolled data usage means that the bill can spiral out of hand.

Android users can adjust download settings on android and have direct control on what they download on the smartphones and tablet. The most important factor is that data usage especially by games, apps and the big downloads can be shelved until a Wi-Fi signal is available. Data usage is thus limited to the small file downloads which will not affect the bill drastically.

Download settings can be changed such that settings provide optimal services to the android user. Downloads should work well for you as an android user in a manner which will add value to all aspects of interaction on android.

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Adjust Download Settings

These are the instructions to follow to adjust the settings on an android phone or an android tablet. Many other changes can be effected such that downloads are private, accessibility and many other features can also be customized.

  • Tap on the menu button to launch the home screen. Select and tap on settings icon.
  • Scroll to the battery and data option and tap to select.
  • Find the data saver options and select to enable the data saver. It will adjust to ensure that automatic updates, browser functions, Google Play and the email functionalities are moderate on data usage.
  • Tap on the Back button. From the options, select the data delivery options. Customize by selecting or deselecting background data delivery, allow or disallow data usage while roaming or turn mobile data off or on entirely. You can also choose to turn data delivery on or off under "Application Data Delivery" menu to control applications and updates to these applications.
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There are also the advanced settings which can be tinkered with to ensure that downloads do not use up excessive data. These include features such as the website settings, enabling or the disabling of Plug-ins, JavaScript and load images which omits images at display of a webpage. These advanced settings will greatly impact on data usage and associated costs as well.

When these steps are undertaken to adjust the download settings on an android, care should be taken not to negatively impact on critical functionality. Updates can be delayed owing to setting heavy downloads to only when a Wi-Fi signal is detected.


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