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How to Activate Windows 7 & 8 for Free Using Microsoft and Loader/Activator Tools

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If one day your personal computer starts acting up and questioning your Windows activation status, you may just have to prep up for a host of activation tweaks. This may involve getting help from Microsoft support services and using Windows loader or actiavtor

If you choose to tweak your system using the latter option, take note that Microsoft will install Windows Activation Technologies to counter them.


Examples of Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) popups include:

  • This copy of Windows is not genuine
  • You maybe a victim of software counterfeiting
An example of Windows validation popup

An example of Windows validation popup

The above and similar notifications may happen due to the following:

  • Genuine Windows installation may have gone belly for one reason or another. This even when you have purchased a genuine copy of Windows installation DVD. You probably did not follow the activation instructions to the dot and are now paying the price.
  • Or maybe you were scammed and purchased illegal copy of Windows DVD thinking it was genuine. This copy probably allowed Windows to run for anything between 1 and 30 days!
  • Many users knowingly purchase and download illegal copies of Windows. They give varied excuses which are probably money related or lack of off-the-shelf genuine copies of Windows software in retail stores nearest to them.
  • Finally are those that deliberately acquire illegal copies of Windows simply to make a statement against Microsoft. A handful of users still have a bone to pick with the giant Redmond Corporation for continuously charging money for its operating systems. After all, other software corporations give out PC operating systems free of charge.

Now that you have decided to take matters into your hands, one activation fix will involve getting help from Microsoft support team, while the other will mean bypassing Windows by means of Daz loader or other activation tools which are in abundance online.

How to Activate Windows With Help from Microsoft

It is worth mentioning that you will have to pay for Windows if you were running un-licensed copy of the operating system. If however you only forgot to activate your copy, then it is good to go for you.Frst ascertain your copy of Windows is not genuine by typing: activate windows in the Search box.

You will be shown a window similar to the image below if your copy is genuine.

Otherwise, you will be notified that Windows is not genuine.


Through Microsoft website, instructions are handy and should help walk you through steps to get your system back to normalcy.

This means taking a couple of minutes off while activation takes place. This should take a matter of minutes. Just in case Microsoft servers are strained with other related requests, Windows may take hours or days to complete activation.

How to UseWindows Loader/Activator

If you are the impatient type and want your system up and running again, it is time to get your hands dirty with a selection of pirate activation tools.

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Different types of activation bypass exploits will work for different Windows. You may have to try various exploits till you find the right one for your system. But most often than not, any one tool will do the job the first time.

It is also worth reminding yourself that WGA bypass hacks are fraught with malware. Exploitative tools may install Trojans and other malware backdoors which could expose your system to untold hacker exploits. In any case, that is what counterfeit software does to your computer.

Of note also is the alarm bells raised by the Antivirus software when you execute the crack. Different antivirus software will respond differently to various bypass software tools. You may want to disable the security software temporarily as you run the file.

Be aware that disabling security software exposes your system to exploits embedded within the hack tool. Do not say I did not warn you.

By default, all activation tools are designed to disable Windows activation errors. They basically invalidate WGA and stop it from running.

Typical red alert popups as a result of WGA include:

  • Reminder popup to activate Windows
  • Reminder popup that your copy of Windows is not genuine
  • Reminder popup that you maybe a victim of software counterfeiting
  • The black desktop background that will not go away
  • Windows version info at the bottom right of the desktop

Popular activation exploits include:

  • Windows loader (Windows 7)
  • KSMAuto (works both with Windows (7 & 8) and Office suites (up to Office 2016))
  • RemoveWAT (Windows 7)
  • HAL7600 (Windows 7)

Decide on one of the tools, google and download it. Once downloaded, unzip the content of the file to the desktop.

 Using Windows 7 Loader to Activate Windows

For this illustration, we shall use Windows 7 Loader v1.7.2 by Daz.

After unzipping the Windows 7 Loader folder, look for and execute the Windows Loader.exe file. A window will pop up prompting you to Install or Uninstall the loader.

NOTE: An Uninstall tab is designed to initiate removal of previous installations if available.


When you click install, you will receive a text warning not to panic even when the desktop vanishes during the activation process.

Click Ok and the loader will run in the background (installing crack and possibly malware. Yikes!)

It will then prompt you to restart the computer.

Upon restarting the computer, Windows should be activated.


KMS Exploit for Windows 8

KMS exploit will work for  Windows 8 and Office suites

KMS exploit will work for Windows 8 and Office suites

Microsoft Response to Windows Activation Exploits

In a bid to fight Windows activation exploits, Microsoft has always come up with Windows Activation Technologies updates to curb activation bypass. None was as popular as update KB971033 which followed the release of Windows 7 in 2009.

Update KB971033 was designed to invalidate all exploits planted within Windows 7 by activation tools.

Once installed, the update was meant to linger within the system for about 90 days and Microsoft claimed this was time enough for it to pick up traces of hactivation exploits.

Update KB971033 was designed to trace crack exploits in Windows 7

Update KB971033 was designed to trace crack exploits in Windows 7

And not to be outdone, developers of these exploits also figured a way to keep them afloat and fend off Windows Activation Technologies updates!

In response to update KB971033, the guys that design these tools have always advised users to disable various Windows services and updates in order to fail it from installing, or if installed by default as in Service Pack 1, disable Windows updates and selective services.

Users are asked to disable Windows updates in Action Center settings and the following services:

  • Windows Technologies Service
  • Background Intelligence Transfer service
  • Windows Update service
Disabling Background Intelligent Transfer and Windows Update services will keep hactivation active in client computer

Disabling Background Intelligent Transfer and Windows Update services will keep hactivation active in client computer

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