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Goonzquad: The Two Ukrainian American Brothers From Tennessee Who Are Setting YouTube on Fire

The author is an amateur automotive, marine, and RV detailer. He has 30+ years of experience with washing, detailing and waxing vehicles.

The Goonzquad Brothers

The Goonzquad Brothers

Introducing the Goonzquad Brothers

Born in America to Ukrainian immigrants known affectionately as Mama and Pops. I introduce to you, Simon and Billy, "as they are known for their 2.5 million and counting subscribers on their YouTube channel." These talented young men have taken the internet world by storm. Located in the hills of rural Tennessee, these two boys with the help of their family have created an empire from their awesome and entertaining YouTube videos. As a huge fan of the Goonzquad brothers, I watch faithfully every week as they bring outstanding, high definition, highly entertaining, automotive, construction, and just plain old fun videos to my living room 2-3 times a week.

Paying Homage as a Fan

I wanted to highlight some of the Goonzsquad brother's videos that impacted me greatly and made me a fan for life. These creative young men inspire me with their content every week and I feel like I almost know them personally. I hope that by sharing these videos, I can reach many more potential fans and bring them closer to the Goonzquad family. For Billy and Simon: As a child of Estonian immigrants myself, I want to personally thank you for the content you provide. I look forward to your videos and I truly appreciate your hard work!

The Goonzquad's First Video

The Origin of the Goonzquad Name

By combining Goons (they considered themselves Goons, a funny riff on two boys who liked to have fun clowning around) and Quads (a shortened term for a 4-wheeler) they have a great passion for riding and ripping.) This is where the name of their YouTube channel originated.

The Goonzquad's First Restoration Project Video

The First Automotive Restoration Project

After several videos showcasing quads and cars. The brothers started their first restoration project. Providing video and details of them rebuilding a wrecked Jeep Rubicon from start to finish in their parent's driveway. I have provided a link to the first video of them on YouTube purchasing wrecked vehicles from an auction and restoring them.

Where it all began, The Original Goonzquad Garage.

Where it all began, The Original Goonzquad Garage.

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Creating Content

After their first successful restoration project, the Goonzquad brothers continued to rebuild cars, trucks, jeeps, and supercars such as a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, and a Dodge Viper. They also rebuilt a Mustang GT and Camaro ZL1 thrown in for good measure. As time went on, their videos just kept getting better and better. They eventually graduated from working on cars in the driveway to building a new pole barn garage that eventually was referred to as the Original Goonzquad Garage. These hard-working brothers even helped build it themselves in their parent's yard. As their YouTube channel grew in popularity, the boys started filming high-definition videos with hot music tracks thrown in, it seems that they finally found their niche.

The Future Goonzquad Garage

Buying Commercial Property for the New Goonzquad Garage

After many years of hard work and having fun restoring wrecked vehicles in the driveway of their parent's home, the brothers finally purchased some commercial property with the intention of building their very own automotive shop. From clearing the property to finally constructing the shop, these boys are on their way to bigger and better things! I truly loved watching these construction episodes.

The Beginning of the Goonzquad Headquarters Series

Purchasing a Fixer Upper House and Restoring it

When elder brother "Billy" decided to get married, I think he decided that it was time for a place of his own. (Only my opinion) The brothers purchased an unfinished home high atop a mountain with a beautiful view of the Tennessee valley and mountains. These resourceful brothers once again show off their talents as they completely rebuilt the existing house that came with the property and beautifully transformed the exterior landscape with the addition of sod and plants. During the Summer of 2022, it is the younger brother Simeon's new home that is being featured. The brothers filmed the construction of this beautiful home from the ground up. This eventually led to the long-awaited announcement of Simeon's future wedding plans. Congratulations!

Dang Sauce

Their Very Own Hot Sauce

After 6 years of YouTube success and nearly 3 million subscribers, the Goonzquad brothers top off a wonderful career of creating YouTube videos based on their lives and passion for cars, quads, and family with the creation of their very own hot sauce. "Dang Sauce" in collaboration with TRUFF and Hoff's Hot Sauce which is available HERE. This chipotle lime hot sauce is a new offering from the brothers that exemplifies their business acumen. The name of the hot sauce was crafted around their signature tagline "dang son" which is frequently exclaimed in their videos and displayed on their t-shirts and other merchandise. In this video, they introduce their latest project, the 2021 Factory Five GTM along with their new hot sauce for the first time.

Keep Moving Forward

I want to thank the Goonzquad brothers for the rich entertainment content they provide weekly. The work you do should be an inspiration for many young people in America today. With a lot of hard hard work and a cell phone camera, you have touched and inspired millions of people. I only hope that my little article does the Goonzquad channel justice and brings you more subscribers that will appreciate everything you do. May God bless you guys and your families and God bless Ukraine! #SlavaUkraine

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