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How the Internet and Social Media Have Impacted This Generation's Lives.


Technology in Our Lives

In the recent years, the world has seen a surge of technological advancements. New devices are coming out left and right, and have made their ways into our daily lives. Today, we rely on the internet, social media, and electronic devices in many ways. From our work and school lives to our homes, whether you are wealthy or poor, technology has some sort of impact on your life.

Is This a Good Thing?

Although the image of people being glued to a screen isn't exactly an good image in most people's minds, technology and its advancements have really helped our species evolve into what we are today. Humans can now expect longer life spans and more comfortable lives, and we now have a vast amount of information at our fingertips because of the internet. Thanks to technology, we can pretty much get whatever, whenever, and wherever now that online shopping has made itself part of our lives. We can easily connect with loved ones around the globe, and can keep up with friends and family with social media applications. Our entertainment has also become primarily sourced from technology. From video games, social media, tv shows, and movies, a lot of us turn to screens and moniters for enternainment.

Changing for the Worse

We owe many of today's wonders and advancements to technology, but nothing ever comes without a cause. You would think people nowdays would be overjoyed, excited about having indispensable knowlege right at their fingertips, but they choose to waste away on the same two apps everday. People are now spending more time on a screen, swiping left or right rather than go out and meet another person.

To me, one of the saddest things is when a family is broken up by the technology that should've brought them together. Many households will sit at a dinner table together, but not say a single word to each other, because everyone is too immersed in their devices to care. Obesity rates have skyrocketed in the past few decades because people would rather stay inside all day on a screen rather than go outside or get some excercise.

Yes, technology has made our lives better in many ways, but are the repercussions that we see on the human race really worth it?

Effects of Technology in the Younger Generation

This generation is the very first to grow up in the presence of such advanced technology. This should be a blessing, but is it really? Because devices allow us to connect with people so easily, much of this generation is a lot better and more comfortable communicating with people over the internet and through a screen. This causes social anxiety and awkwardness that we see so commonly in this younger generation, which raises the question, "Will people even talk face to face in the future?" I know this sounds far-fetched, but at this rate, it doesn't seem so far off.

The technology and devices that children have access to today has also resulted in less physical and outdoor activity. Less physical activity can lead to obesity, which leads to a higher risk of heart diseases and blood clots. The fact that people are enjoying being with nature less and less saddens me, and especially now with the effects of global warming and climate change upon us, our planet should be the most important thing right now.

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Now, almost everyone has access to technology, (save for some not as developed countries) children and teens are at a high risk of being exposed to unappropriate content online. Not everything on the internet is regulated, and that may lead to younger ones seeing things they shouldn't. I'm not talking about people wearing more revealing clothing, like some parents may be worried about, but about the exposure to things like drugs, rape, grooming, and videos that no one should ever have to see. Pedophiles prey on children from the other side of a screen, and there are many disturbing videos circulating around the internet (such as unwanted pornagraphy, graphic depictions of violence, and death). The internet has made it easy to stalk and hack people, and this put everyone, but mostly children at risk.

These are Just My Thoughts and Observations

These are just some of my thoughts and observations that I'm sure I share with many. Technology has made itself a permanent part of most of our lives, being present at work, school, home, you name it. I wanted to look at the dark side of this quickly advancing force taking over our lives. It is important to recognize both the good that tehnology has done for us, and the dangers it poses. This way, we can utilize it to the most helpful way possible, and minimize the dangers and threats it has.

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