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How do You Increase Blog Engangement?


Do you want your readers to occasionally visit your blog? Do you want them to comment? In this article, I will start by highlighting the benefits of blog engangement for SEO. After that I will give you 7 tips on how to increase your blog engangement.

What is blog engangement?

Blog engangement can be defined as how people interact in your post or site. It may involve, leaving comments, sharing your posts on their social media accounts, or just mentioning your blog post. Also, it is a form of engangement to get back to your site and read your next post or news letter (revisits). Enganged readers are those who are ever active in your site. This means that enganged readers are your most loyal customers.

Why is blog engangement important for SEO?

Blog engangement is a key element for SEO. Anytime an audience leaves a comment and you respond, Google will notice that your blog is active. Also any social media mention is equally important. Since it will help in ranking your blog, hence you end up getting more traffics.

How do you increase audience engangement? How do you ensure that people leave comments? I will highlight 7 tips on how to increase engangement on your blog

Template blog layout

Template blog layout

1. Ensure Your Blog Posts are Attractive

Your content should be appealing and attractive. This means that you need to have, informative, funny content that people will be willing to share it with the world. Research on how to create content worth sharing and which will be SEO friendly.

2. Be consistent

For you to engange people you must constantly update your content. This makes people predict what will be in your post next time. However, you don't have to enhance engangement but you should also ensure that there is enough content preferably posted in predictable intervals. For instance, If people know that you always post on Monday, they might hung around on Mondays.

3. Be Original

The main essence of a blog is to create and share attractive yet original content. Make sure you are sharing content that can hardly be found elsewhere in the internet. This will ensure that your content is shareable and appreciated. If your content is unique, people will be willing to share. You don't have to be afraid of sharing your knowledge.

4. Include controversial topics and content

Do you know the trick behind this? People will always respond if they either disagree or agree with you. So, if you want people to share their points of view concerning your blog post, consider starting the conversation with them by including controversial topics. Be careful not to be too much, as your blog may be stuffed with negative comments.

5. Seek for engangement

Yes, you need to seek for engangement. How do you do it? Ask people to respond by maybe including a contest, a poll, or a comment section. For instance, if new customers are invited to comment, the chances are that they will. This is always done by including a comment section or a poll within your blog spot. Also, you can engange your audience by sharing your content on open social media platforms such as Facebook.

6. Respond to comments

In the previous section, you invited your audience to your blog post or rather you enganged them. Do you think they deserve a reply. Of course yes, be polite and respond to their comments with kindness no matter how negative they might be. The essence of this is to create a positive mutual relationship with your audience once they notice that you can reply their feedbacks.

7. Contribute on other blogs

The same way you are seeking for engangement is the same way others are seeking for engangement. You can contribute on other blogs by liking, posting comments, or even sharing their posts. The best post to engange in are the one that are similar or more familiar with yours. This will make people curious and hence they will develo6an urge of visiting your blog post and at the end they might get hooked.


As we have discussed above, blog engangement is the best way to getting traffics on your site. We have shown 7 ways of how we can increase blog engangement.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2020 Ian Muiruri

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