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How Can We Create Blogging Website

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A blog is a website where we can write information about any topic with the latest images. We can write by ourselves, and also a group of writers can also share their views by using this platform. But you should upload relevant and best quality images according to your topic.

How can we create a blogging website?

It is very simple to develop a blogging account. Because Google provides us lots of facilities online, simply write Blogger on google search bar.and blogger website appears in front. You have to open the link and easily fill up all the information. Google also gives a free domain name only for Blogging. Where you can design your content and also explore beautiful and amazing web templates; after completing the procedure, you can create a post and write the trending topics about current affairs or anything.

Can we earn money with Blogging?

Yes! You can earn money with the blogger website. For earnings, you have to market your blogging website very n we earn money with Blogger? First. Then create a Google AdSense account. When your Blogger has lots of traffic every day, then Google Adsense will provide you with options for placing ads. And then you can earn money with ads. But you have to be very patient. Because success has no shortcut, wait for the best time.

Can we add a new template?

Yeah! You can use more templates for your blogger website. There are lots of websites that provide exciting templates for Blogging. You have to search for "be templates" on the google search bar. And open the website and choose the best template that you like. Then click on "free download" and after downloading the file, extract the zip file. Now you open your Blogger setting page and click on "Theme", and you will see a "downward arrow" with your current template "customize" option. Simply click on the arrow, and there is an option "Restore."Click on "Restore," and there will be a window open, and there will be an option "Upload file."Now you go to your download folder and open the extract template folder. And only select the ".xml" file and just click ok or done.And your new template is ready to customize and apply. When you click on apply, your new theme is updated, and you can check it by refreshing your domain website. This is the procedure of adding a new theme.

Features of blogger website

Blogger provides you lots of features that you can use. For example, stats, comments, earnings, layouts, pages, theme, reading list, blogger buzz. By using these features, you can manage your blog activities. Reply to comments, check statistics of views, adding pages, etc. You can follow the blogs.

Tips for best Blogging

First of all, you have to choose the trending and exciting topics for your Blogging. And try to create your own content rather than copy-paste. Because copy paste content could not be published. Be technical and creative for your topic. And you should write briefly by putting the beautiful images to make your blog more interesting to your viewers. The important thing is that you should ask a question at the end of the blog. Because it makes the blog more amazing for the audience, and people will give the answers and share their points of view. Another important thing is that you should check the comment section and give a reply to your viewers. It is the best trick to attract more people to your website.

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