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How Can I Improve My Chances of Business Tech-cess With a VoIP System?

This episode of "Making Conversations Count" had some inspirational teachings around effective leadership which I wanted to share.

When you’re running a business, communication is super important for your overall Techcess.

As technology advances, so does the technology to improve your technology provisions.

VoIP systems are one technological leap forward that businesses should consider to boost productivity and improve their chances of business success.

A VoIP system is a phone system that uses the internet instead of the traditional telephone network for voice communication between parties across any distance.

A typical office phone system makes use of routers connected to broadband modems through local networks; however, with a VoIP system there is no need for router or cables involved in this process making for more efficient technology.

To get started all you need is an active account with Voice Over IP service provider.

Techcess episode 13

The truth about VoIP

VoIP technology is nothing new; in fact, it has been used by marketers, businesses and tech savvy individuals for years now.

If you are still skeptical about switching to VoIP technology there are many benefits of making the switch.

In the latest episode of the Techcess technology podcast, host Mark Riddell spoke with Myles Leach who is the MD of VoIP company NFON.

Among the topics he discusses include:

  • The fact that there are no extra costs involved with using your computer to make calls e.g. call waiting or long distance fees plus an internet connection enables you to use any device to make phone calls anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Reduced need to have a physical phone on your desk.
  • Ability to do many of the same things you can do with a traditional telephone system, including creating a contact list.
  • Call history is easily accessible, either through your records or through the program that you use to make the calls (e.g Skype).
  • Forward or divert your office phone to any number or device such as home, an internet connected laptop, mobile phone etc.
  • No need for expensive technology like modems and faxes
  • Easier communication between staff members and customers with easy ways to share documents and images using programs like Skype and Google Docs (or similar technology)

How viable is VoIP as a telephone system for YOUR workplace?

Techcess technology podcast episode 13 looks into VoIP as a telephony system for businesses and asks "is it viable to replace your existing system?"

Techcess technology podcast episode 13 looks into VoIP as a telephony system for businesses and asks "is it viable to replace your existing system?"


What's YOUR view on VoIP technology as a tool for business 'techcess'?

The team behind Techcess would love to get your feedback on this topic.

According to Myles, only about 20% have moved to cloud, based on statistics from last year.

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Chances are that next time the survey is carried out, that number would have increased, but there's still a massive amount of the market that's yet to take the plunge with VoIP.

Old school mentality has meant that many businesses have stayed with some form of traditional PBX.

What is a traditional PBX?

It's basically a box on the wall somewhere in your premises.

And every handset that wants to use those services has to be hardwired in some way through structured cable.

It has to be hardwired back to that control box.

That is the old technology.

Some people still want to use a traditional phone, but with the latest telephony technology, it can now be any device.

But more importantly, it can be from anywhere.

So providing you've got connectivity - an internet connection - you are connected to your office, and that's a huge change.

And obviously with what's happened over the last 18 months, the Penny's dropped and having a traditional hardwired, PBX system doesn't give you that flexibility.

So, what are your thoughts on this new type of telephone tech?

Please do vote in the poll.

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