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How To Setup Pay-Per-View Locks and Parental Controls On The Hopper

Restrict Pay Per View Orders

Don't let your children, teens, or housemates order PPV movies without your consent.

Don't let your children, teens, or housemates order PPV movies without your consent.

Preventing Unauthorized Or Accidental Pay-Per-View Orders

Like most any other satellite or cable tv set top box, the Hopper with Sling and related Joey receivers do not have a default restriction to prevent orders from being made at the whim of an eight year old who has no concept of the value of money or at the mercy of grandma Betty's alleged Parkinsons. There is a simple solution, all of Dish Network's receivers allow you to setup a lock on pay per view or video on demand orders that requires a password to order such an event. Doing so is the best way to prevent charges for movies ordered by children, roommates and house guests.

What Causes PPV Charges?

A lot of customers treat pay per view or video on demand orders that they themselves didn't order as being “incorrect” or “done by the receiver.” This is incorrect, on the receiver PPV's and VOD's can only be ordered by using the remote control, although they can be ordered by calling Dish Network and placing the order or by ordering them on Even then, when ordering using the remote, someone has to tune into a PPV channel order screen, either by putting in the channel number or selecting a pay per view channel from the guide, selecting rent from the order screen they are presented with, which displays the price for the order, and then confirming yes or no whether or not they want to make the order.

So, ordering PPV or VOD events isn't something that the receiver can do on its own there, nor can it be done by just putting in the wrong channel number. So in other words, these orders otherwise require some conscious effort to make.

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Locking PPV Orders Down

With the Hopper system, its actually easy to setup locks. This is best done from the room where the Hopper receiver itself is located. Simply follow the steps to setup locks to block pay per view orders and in a few minutes you'll be able to make sure you don't get any surprise charges for adult content movies or multiple orders for kids movies.

  1. Turn on the television and the Hopper receiver.
  2. Press the menu button that is located on the top left hand side of the remote just below the SAT button.
  3. Using the arrow buttons surrounding the SELECT button on the remote, scroll down to the second row of the main menu displayed on the tv and arrow over and highlight or set the pointer to the SETTINGS icon and press SELECT.
  4. By default, the SETTINGS menu has the arrow or pointer on the screen highlighting the PARENTAL CONTROLS icon, press SELECT here.
  5. On the PARENTAL CONTROLS screen, arrow over to the column that is titled RESTRICT PURCHASES, highlight the YES option, press SELECT and you should see a green circle to the left of YES.
  6. (Optional) You can also SELECT the YES option under HIDE ADULT CHANNELS if someone in the house has a problem with ordering adult content, or if you just want to keep these items and titles hidden from your children.
  7. Highlight and SELECT on the SAVE option on the top right corner of the PARENTAL CONTROLS screen. A popup box will ask you to create a 4-digit password or pin number, you will enter this number twice, and DO remember it, just DON'T make it easy for others to guess or leave it written down somewhere. Once you have finished creating the password, you will be taken back to the SETTINGS menu.
  8. SELECT on the PARENTAL CONTROLS icon one more time, it will have you enter your password to get back in.
  9. Just below the SAVE option on the right hand side of the screen, highlight and SELECT on COPY SETTINGS.
  10. A window will present itself giving you a list of the other receiver(s) in the home if you have any others than just the Hopper itself. Highlight and SELECT on each tv you'd like the same restrictions setup on with the same password. Each location selected will display a checkmark to the left in a blue box. Once you are finished making your selections, highlight and SELECT on the OK option below.
  11. A new message will appear telling you that the Hopper has successfully copied the parental control settings to the selected locations. SELECT the OK option.
  12. SELECT the SAVE option.
  13. PRESS the VIEW LIVE TV button that is located just to the left and down from your CANCEL button on the remote.

Stop Unauthorized Pay Per View Orders

Congratulations, if you did everything correctly, anyone trying to purposely order a pay per view or video on demand event that carries a charge will be prevented from doing so unless they know the password that you've created for your parental control settings. To verify, try tuning into channel 502, a PPV channel. You should be presented with a similar message, although maybe a different movie title, as in the image to the right.

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