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How Can I See My House Live on the Internet?

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Simple! With enough knowledge and information, anything IS possible and I will show you how it is!

See Live Streaming Images Of Your Home!

Forget Google Earth! I'll show you how It is POSSIBLE to see your own home LIVE streaming on the Internet, and for ALL the world to see. In REAL TIME! And, how good and bad this can be!

When asked, "how can I see my house live"?. Most people think of using Google Earth or Google Street-View, which is not live although you may have been captured live - (a snapshot-in-time) when Google cars were driving around taking the latest pictures.

It's the multitude of live-streaming feeds and CCTV cameras on our planet that makes it very possible to see your house streaming live, and if you do your research very carefully you can find it. Luckily for you, I have done the research!

Let me show you how it's possible to find live-streaming images of your home, or over-looking your home - streaming live on the Internet for the World to see. Also, live feeds of people inside their homes, and oblivious to the fact.


Big Brother is always watching, and getting bigger & smarter

The UK, China and Japan have the most CCTV cameras consistently watching and recording their citizens every move. It's estimated that on an average London journey, individuals are captured on camera at least 400 times a day and the numbers increasing daily.

in this day-and-age, it's not just crime, its terrorism that's caused the increase in surveillance.

Everyone's becoming more security conscious. This means more CCTV cameras which helps when you're looking to find a camera-feed that over-looks your home or work.

You will always be watched. It does not matter if you're shopping, sweating at the gym, sunbathing on a beach, or having a haircut, live camera feeds are everywhere, and some feeds have audio capabilities, so be careful what you do and say in public.

Warning! Thousands of innocent people are being viewed online without their knowledge or permission. If you have a home or work security camera, or webcam, it may have been hacked into and streamed live on the Internet. Weak passwords are often to blame.

Video: Britain's CCTV Mania

Turn your device into a CCTV system

The more locations you can find online, the more chance you have to find your home, or friends online and live 24/7 turning your PC into a seeing-eye (CCTV) of the entire World.

Anyone who tells me they "don't like all the cameras they see because of the intrusion upon their civil liberties", I make it worse by saying, "If that's the case, it's the cameras you can't see what you should be worried about." For me, I love them...only if I have access to them!

I'm always on the look-out for newer, and nearer cam-feeds to my location. These could be from the thousands of London traffic-cam feeds which are online and available to view in many countries. Or security CCTV cameras from popular nearby buildings such as clubs, pubs, gyms, sports centres, hotels and shops who could be streaming their images online for anyone to view, just like this cam of the famous Abbey Road.

You don't have to rely on traffic cameras

Many businesses, home owners and landlords from around the world are live-streaming their properties to keep an eye on their employers, businesses and tenants, giving us, the public the opportunity to be Big brother and observe, and many of these images are available to view online.

Someone in your street will have a security cam, either a 'Ring' doorbell, CCTV, or hidden camera that's not visible to keep an eye on their property, work, garden or garage, yet overlooks your home and streaming live on the Internet. Even it's not being streamed online, but a private cam, the owner is viewing it, watching you in your home or on your property!

I hit the jackpot after finding my property was available to view online!

This is the actual cam feed (

There are many other camera angles available in the same vicinity. Each one allows me to watch and observe people (neighbours), and see how busy my high street is. And whenever I hear emergency sirens or screams, I can easily observe what's going on via the internet. Unfortunately, my new flat is not in view, although my neighbours are. But when the camera pans, then yes, mine was in view.

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Where I live now, the nearest available feed is a traffic cam about forty feet away. I'll settle for that. If my road was straight instead of curved, my property would be in the picture. Not ideal for everyone who likes their privacy, or cheating spouses who do not want to get caught!

View people live - all over the world - without leaving your home

Millions of live camera feeds are everywhere. From India to Jamaica, from the South Pole to the North, to the seven wonders of the world. Including wedding chapels and International Space Station webcams.

These cams allow us to view live feeds of any animals and insect from around the World. View wildlife. Shark, ants and dog cams. Even live feeds of cats playing and sleeping. Everything you can and cannot imagine is streaming live. Who knows who or what you'll stumble upon!

Note: Not everyone in the following live feeds are aware they are being watched online.

Find security cams of customers eating in a Tokyo restaurant, people swimming. Or bodybuilders on Miami Beach, having a hair-cut or praying at Church. The variety of webcam feeds, and multiple locations are unbelievable.

Even your webcam is capable of broadcasting live feeds to millions of people around the world. Dozens of websites are available for you to stream live feeds of anything, anyone, or any location you like. Also, it's the cheapest (free) and the easiest way to set up a home or work security system.

How can I find live cams of my home?

Now you have an idea of how things work, type the words of your choice. Use keywords such as the name of a street, road, city, business or location you're interested in, and adding the following combination of keywords such as; Streaming Live Webcam. Live Cams. Live Feeds. Surveillance. CCTV Live Cams. Live IP video cameras and IP cameras. The keywords I used to find my home was "Earls Court Road. Live camera". For me, It was as simple as that!

Ask local businesses and sports centres that are near your home to see if they stream any of their security cameras online. They may over-look your home or street.

Search for any live cams you want and I guarantee...ish you will find them. Especially living in London or the United States which has the 2nd highest rate of CCTV per person.

Using your imagination and the right keywords, you'll find anything, and I mean anything streaming live, and overlooking your home!

Additional Information

You may need to install plug-ins or specific players to view cams. For best streaming results, a decent broadband connection and PC specifications help. Having said that, even if you have the best PC specifications in the world, some cams don't stream live as fast as others. Some are updated every few seconds, others minutes. Either way, you'll find some great places to visit with a click of a mouse. If you have a problem viewing live feeds, or installing the required plug-ins, try using another browser.

Note: There could be more than one feed to any specific location, so don't settle for your first result. For example, I have two live 'Trafalgar Square' streams, one is better than the other. If one's clear, great, if not, I'll use another live feed (website) for a better quality image, Nearer location and hopefully faster streaming.

Due to different countries "time-zones", some cams will be bright in the daylight, but night-time viewing allows you to see city centres and iconic buildings transformed by spectacular light projections.


I hope you have been inspired, not just to look for live cams of what you want to view, but to prepare you for the fact that you and your home could be live on the Internet for all the world to see, 24/7, and how it's possible.

So the next time you're doing something you should or shouldn't be doing. When you think you're having that 'private moment' at home or away, don't forget to smile:) the chances are, you're probably being seen and heard live on the Internet!

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Kelly Ann Christensen from Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas on January 14, 2020:

Ack! This is an interesting article, but I am one of those who does not like it. It would be great to be able to see certain public locations live, but then you have those who misuse everything. In any case, thanks for the interesting article and information. I knew these were available, but I guess I did not realize how available.

Tony Sky (author) from London UK on October 01, 2019:

Lucky you Dale. The only travelling I do is via the Internet, and with imagination!

Hopefully one day, artificial intelligence and AI will be so smart and realistic, we humans would not need to fly which will help the environment!

Dale Anderson from The High Seas on September 29, 2019:

This was cool! I have travelled the world and this game me the idea of looking up live cams to see those places again.

Tony Sky (author) from London UK on August 07, 2019:

The simple solution. Phone/ask a neighbour!

jude on August 06, 2019:

cant figer out how to use this am trying to see my yard as I am in another state would like to have seen if the weeds are taking over my yard

Brett C from Asia on July 09, 2013:

Voted interesting, as I couldn't find the 'scary' or 'concerning' button! lol. It is ridiculous how much of the UK is covered by cameras. While it could be good, it always seems like most of the criminals get away with things. Instead, everyone else has to put up with being on camera all of the time. A good idea that generally seems to fail when needed (low resolution, facing the wrong way, a fake camera etc). Nice article though and off to check your suggestions. You have a new follower.

Shared, pinned, tweeted, up and interesting.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on June 17, 2013:

Just wondering if this isn't invasion of privacy with all these cameras or one's neighbour's streaming your house live on the net?

The technology though is amazing.

Tandy on November 24, 2012:


Jobs Etc on April 11, 2012:

Interesting article and a bit scary too; I enjoyed reading your article.

waseem on December 30, 2011:


aleesha on December 27, 2011:

hi i wont to have a camera on my internet that i can see some houses can you help me

William F Torpey from South Valley Stream, N.Y. on December 18, 2011:


VioletSun on December 18, 2011:

I learned something new from this hub, as I always think of Google when wanting information.

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