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How To Preview RightFax Fax Before Sending



OK, you know how to fax using Rightfax, you know how to add attachments to your RightFax fax, and you are all set to fax it when at the last minute you decide you'll be more comfortable if you could preview the fax first before sending it.

How do you view the fax first?  I'll explain how below.

Step 1

If you have completely drafted your fax, go to the MAIN tab on the fax information dialog window.  This window and tab is the same one where you entered the name of the person you want to send the fax to and their phone number.

Step 2

One the right side of this tab page, on almost the same level or plain as the fax number, there is a check box titled Hold For Preview.  Click the Hold For Preview Box so that a check mark appears.

Step 3

Then go ahead and hit the Send button in the bottom right corner of the window. DON'T worry, the fax won't actually send. It'll just act like it is ... keep reading....

Step 4

Then open Rightfax fax utility screen aka FaxUtil. I usually access this from fax icon in my taskbar on the lower right corner of my PC screen. You might have a different or better way of doing this.

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Step 5

Your whole fax mailbox will appear. Find the fax you just sent, which will likely, very likely be at the very top. It will also say "Held for Preview."  You can review the entire fax as it will be seen by the recipient from this screen.

Step 6

If your document and cover sheet looks fine, go ahead and send it by clicking on the fax while still in Faxutil, then in the fax menu choose release.

That should help you to preview your RightFax document before sending it.

Thanks for reading!

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