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How to Pair Bluetooth Stereo Headphones With the Dish Hopper

Bluetooth Pairing On the Hopper Is Easy!

Personally, I use the Bluetooth pairing feature of my Hopper with Sling around the house while working out in the living room listening to Pandora or one of the Sirius XM stations on Dish. Those who are hard of hearing but can't watch TV at an acceptable volume for others could make use of Bluetooth headphones to still be able to hear without annoying or driving others insane or disturbing their spouse while they're sleeping due to noise from the TV.

I will guide you through step by step to pair your Bluetooth headphones or hearing aid with your Hopper.

Update 12/8/2014: Rumor has it that there will be a Bluetooth adapter module coming in the next few months that will allow Joey receivers, and likely the Super Joey receiver to also make use of Bluetooth headphones for ease of listening. More details will be posted here once official word is available on release dates and pricing!

What You'll Need:

1 - Hopper or Hopper with Sling

1 - Bluetooth stereo headphones or hearing aid

Optional – One 12 year old grandchild

Bluetooth Setup On A Hopper (With Pictures!)

Selecting the Settings icon from the main menu.

Selecting the Settings icon from the main menu.

Selecting the Bluetooth icon from the Settings menu.

Selecting the Bluetooth icon from the Settings menu.

Ensuring that Bluetooth on the Hopper is enabled.

Ensuring that Bluetooth on the Hopper is enabled.

Selecting the Find Devices button on the Bluetooth settings screen.

Selecting the Find Devices button on the Bluetooth settings screen.

Scanning for a Bluetooth device in paring mode.

Scanning for a Bluetooth device in paring mode.

Pairing code request  window.

Pairing code request window.

Confirmation that our Bluetooth enabled device is paired and connected to the Hopper to receive audio.

Confirmation that our Bluetooth enabled device is paired and connected to the Hopper to receive audio.

Directions For Pairing A Bluetooth Device To A Hopper

1. Press and release the MENU button on the upper left of your Dish remote control, located just below the SAT button.

2. From the Hopper Main Menu, use the arrow buttons on your remote to move the on-screen cursor to the SETTINGS icon (indicated by the picture of a gear) and press the SELECT button.

3. From the Settings menu, scroll (using your arrows on the remote) to the Bluetooth icon (indicated by the Bluetooth symbol) and press SELECT.

4. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on on your Hopper by looking at the bottom-right of the Bluetooth screen to see that there is a GREEN circle to the left of the word ON.

5. Put your Bluetooth enabled device into pairing mode (refer to the manufacturers instructions for your device).

6. On the Bluetooth page on your Hopper use the arrows on your remote to place the cursor on the FIND DEVICES option and press SELECT. The Hopper will now scan for any available Bluetooth enabled device.

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7. If you receive a popup message asking for the passcode for your device. For some devices, it may be a default of 0000, 1234, etc...check with your device manufacturer's instructions to verify.

8. If your pairing code is accepted, your device will show as Paired-Connected and the audio for what you are watching will then be streamed to your device.

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Wrapping Up

Keep in mind that when your Bluetooth headphones or hearing aid device connects, it won't disable the audio from the Hopper to your television, so if you intend to use your Bluetooth device to avoid disturbing others, you will still want to use the MUTE button on your Dish remote (located below the MENU button we pressed earlier on your remote) or turn the volume down to 0.

This feature is currently (see update above in first section) only available on a Hopper or Hopper with Sling, Joey receivers DO NOT have this functionality and as such cannot have a Bluetooth device paired with them for audio at the present time.

Don't Have Dish TV Service?

If you don't have Dish TV service and are considering signing up for it, feel free to ask me for a refer-a-friend certificate code in the comments section below! If you get a certificate code from me, be sure to provide it to your sales representative and we each get $50! Your $50 credit is deducted from your first months bill, so depending on what package you sign up for and equipment, you may pay nothing for your first month's bill!


The source of the information presented and the images used in this Hub are from my own experiences with the Hopper with Sling receiver I have installed in my own home. I work for Dish Network, however any opinions I present do not represent the opinions of Dish Network. I will not respond to or voice my opinion on company policies, incentives, channel takedowns, or political opinions. Any such requests will be ignored.

Do not add your phone number to any post made to this article. Number one since this is a public site, it is not advised to do so as the world is full of those who would use that info to their advantage or to otherwise harass you. Two, I can provide basic troubleshooting tips but I can't offer help on replacing your iHip headphones under warranty or take the actions from home to send you a replacement receiver unit or otherwise. I repeat, do NOT post your phone number in a comment to this hub. For troubleshooting, warranty replacement/exchange, please contact Dish customer service at 1-800-333-3474.


Abel on July 21, 2018:

Hi i tried pairing my sckullcandy hesh 2 to the hopper 3 but the audio does not work they read paired but you cant hear audio but my power beats 2 worked fine

Jeremiah Simpkins (author) from Pulaski, VA on June 23, 2017:

Hi Sarah, it could be a bug with the new user interface. Customer service can submit a report to the engineering team to have that looked at. If you can give them the model number of your Bose headphones, that will help the engineers figure out what might be causing the issue.

Sarah on June 22, 2017:

I have been using Bose Bluetooth headphones with Dish Hopper over a year now and have had no problems. Just last week Dish upgraded and now the headphones lose signal a couple minutes after turning them on. Even do it when I haven't moved an inch. What do you think?

Donald on December 05, 2016:

what headphones or earbuds work? I've had the iHip Side Swipe but they break.

Fay Sears on November 27, 2016:

We have Dish and I was able to connect my Bluetooth headphones with my Joey as I bought the extra adapter. My question is I would like to add another Bluetooth headphone to my living room receiver is this possible to pair with another BT headset? Thanks

Lprince on February 17, 2016:

My sound bar has been working fine until this morning. Now it won't connect. When I go into settings there is no Bluetooth icon so now no way to connect!

Jeremiah Simpkins (author) from Pulaski, VA on March 23, 2015:

Keith Cobb, I'll make a request to our engineering team to see if they can clarify what is/isn't compatible and why. It strikes me as odd that the Bose headsets aren't even registering. You are placing them in pairing mode when you have the Hopper search for available devices? What model Bose headsets are these?

Keith Cobb from Vail, Arizona on March 23, 2015:

The technician told me the bose was not compatable. My bose works well with everything else. Is there a trick to pairing with the hopper? It does not even recognize my bose



Jeremiah Simpkins (author) from Pulaski, VA on March 21, 2015:

Hi Keith, did you or the technician try to connect the Bose unit or did he just state that Bose is not compatible?

keith on March 21, 2015:

I was dissappointed to find that my bose wireless headsets were not compatable with the hopper? I thought bluetooth was bluetooth...ouch. Technician at dish says I need an ihip bluetooth headset?

Jeremiah Simpkins (author) from Pulaski, VA on February 17, 2015:

Hi Da Man, no you cannot connect an iPod to the Hopper over Bluetoooth. The Bluetooth is there just to provide a connection for audio devices like speakers or headphones.

Da Man on February 17, 2015:

Can you connect an ipod to the bluetooth?

Jeremiah Simpkins (author) from Pulaski, VA on December 25, 2014:

Hi mtlogfurniture, it depends on if the TV itself offers any audio out or pass-through ports. You can try some of the third-party USB Bluetooth adapters that are available on eBay and Amazon. I haven't tried any of them myself but from other employee's who have been a little more adventurous who have tried it what should happen if the Joey recognizes a Bluetooth adapter is that it should display the Bluetooth icon when you return to the Settings menu, just like you would see on the Hopper itself. But rumor has it Dish will be releasing our own Bluetooth adapter, similar to how we offer a Netgear Wifi adapter for receivers without Wifi connectivity built-in.

mtlogfurniture on December 24, 2014:

Is there currently ANY way to connect wireless/bluetooth headphones (or preferrably ear buds) to the TV that is attached to the Joey? Would a bluetooth receiver/transmitter/adapter do it, or would there still be problems since the signal still comes through the Joey?

Jeremiah Simpkins (author) from Pulaski, VA on December 17, 2014:

Hi Dan, I have experienced audio cut out when using my bluetooth headphones in some rooms around the house like when going up and down stairs or when there is more than a single wall between myself and the Hopper. Does it happen at any particular time or distance away from the Hopper? Is it happening while the receiver is in standby? What Bluetooth version do your JBL speakers use/support, such as Bluetooth 3.0 + or 4.0?

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