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How To Manage Bookmarks in Chrome

Bookmark in Chrome Browser

Bookmark in Chrome Browser

We all use the bookmarks in the Chrome browser to save our tabs. But there are some other functions of bookmarks that you might not be familiar with, or you might not know how to use them. Chrome has many in-built features to ease out the user experience.

Though you can incorporate some extensions for a flexible experience, we will include everything related to the bookmark in Chrome. How to get the most out of Chrome Bookmarks? So let’s jump straight into the topic.

What Are Bookmarks?

Bookmarks are traditionally used in Chrome to save a link or tab to the browser to access them easily whenever required, just like you put a bookmark in your book.

The purpose is similar in browsers. So to get the most out of this feature, you must know how it works.

How To Show Bookmarks Bar In Chrome

Although this feature is already built-in and enabled in Chrome if it doesn’t, here are the steps you can follow to enable this feature.

  • To enable Bookmarks in Chrome, click on the 3-vertical dots at the right top corner of the browser.
  • A dialog box will appear and then click on the Bookmarks.
  • Then enable the Show Bookmarks Bar.
  • A Bookmark bar will appear on the top.
Bookmark in Chrome

Bookmark in Chrome

How To Save Bookmarks In Chrome

You can save any tab or URL in numerous ways. We will discuss all the methods that you can use to pile your web pages in Chrome.


This method allows you to save your data.

  • Open your Chrome window and click on the 3-vertical dots.
  • Then click on the Bookmarks.
  • Click on the Bookmark This Page.
  • The active tab saves in the bookmark.

Let's come to the second method.


It is a quicker method than the above.

  • Open the Chrome window.
  • Choose the tab which you want to bookmark for future use.
  • Click Star at the right corner of the address bar.
  • When you click on the star, it will turn into this ⭐.


You can use a shortcut key to bookmark your valuable tab.


This method is a bonus method because it automatically saves all the active tabs, and you don’t need to worry about losing your browsing URLs. You can install a Flowbar Chrome Extension to your browser.

The Flowbar extension allows you to create a folder or group of your essential URLs. You can even add notes to each folder if you might forget the purpose of saving any tab. It also facilitates their user to edit or remove any window tabs with a drag and drop method.

It’s an all-in-one extension. You only need to install it to experience the best de-clutter of tabs. In this method, you will get three options to save your window tabs.

Flowbar Features

Flowbar Features

If you forget to save your data, it will automatically save it for future access.


It provides many reliable features for flexible use.

How To Save Multiple Tabs In a Folder

Chrome itself has this option to save your active tab in a folder, or you can use an extension. How? Let’s discuss the methods-

Method 1- In-built bookmark in Chrome-

  • Click on the star ☆ on the right corner of the address bar.
  • Click on Add bookmark; a dialog will open-
Folder Formation

Folder Formation

  • You can add the name for the tab, and on the folder, you can select the folder on which you want to add it.
  • Then click on Done to save the folder.

You need to repeat this process ever since you save any tab to the folder. You can't pile multiple browsing tabs at once.

Method 2- Flowbar Extension

This method will allow you to save all the active tabs at once and a single web page. You only need to install the extension on Chrome.

How Flowbar Works-

  • Install Flowbar Chrome Extension on your browser window and pin it for quick access.
  • Click on the Flowbar icon; a dialog will appear.
  • Click on the Dashboard option.
  • A dashboard will open with all the active tabs.
  • Now you only need to click on create a folder or create a group to build each one of them. That means it allows you to create folders in existing folders.
  • After that, you only need to drag and drop each tab into the folders, and it will automatically save into that folder.

How To Reopen Your Saved Bookmarks In Chrome

  • You can reopen your piled tabs in just one click. All the saved browsing tabs will appear on the Bookmark bar. So you may need to click on them to access them.
  • If you have multiple tabs saved as bookmarks, then you can click on the arrow shown below.
  • All the bookmarks will scroll down, and you can open them effortlessly.

Method 2- Flowbar Scroll Down Method

  • Flowbar has an easy scroll-down bar that will pop up when you move the cursor in the middle of the window.
  • When you click the scroll-down bar, all the saved tabs will appear to explore.

Bottom Line-

As you may have known, which method has the better reliability to cover all the queries of your browsing data? Flowbar allows you to manage all your browser tabs, and you can operate your browser effortlessly. It frees up the memory of your system. You must install this effective extension for a better experience.

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