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How to Increase Ads-B Range?

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Hello there! Today I am sharing some helpful stuff that you may not find elsewhere. In this article, I am sharing some tips about how to increase the ADS-B range.

If you are a feeder of flightradar24 or Radarbox, you may experience a short range of the Antenna. Your average range getting shorter and shorter, but why? Don’t worry, here are the tips to increase them. Before that, let get an overview of what is ADS-B?

What is ADS-B?

ADS-B full form is an Automatic dependent surveillance broadcast. This technology helps us to track flights. Nowadays, satellites are also used to track flights. If you are a feeder, you may have an ADS-B antenna. That Antenna is the main thing to receive flight (ADS-B) signals. Satellites use it in the same way.

Why Range Getting Shorter?

The Antenna is the first thing you should take care of. An antenna is the main key to get good signals. If you have a low-quality antenna, you may receive bad signals and get a shorter range. Well, Antenna should be in clear sky view. If anything is blocking it, then you will get a lower range. The RF cables should be the right in quality. But, the more length of cable is, the shorter range you will get because of losses.

The signal losses or attenuation due to any given length of cable rises as the frequency of the signal increases.

Other factors might cause signal loss like mobile towers, other high-intensity radio signals, Antenna in not clear sky view, Antenna getting older, Rusty RF cables, connectors are not properly connected.


Boost Signal with Amplifiers

Thankfully, there is a means to compensate for the loss of sensitivity caused by cable loss. It entails the application of a low-noise amplifier (LNA). Any LNA with a low enough noise figure (usually less than 1 dB) and sufficient gain can be used. Well, we will don’t go into details because it will take hours to read it. So you can find other guides about which LNA to use.


ADS-B signals sent by flights are powerful enough to receive by you, but other factors can disturb them. How to solve it?

  • Change RF cable and use only quality cables.
  • Try to use shorter cables.
  • Use LNA.
  • Use a good quality antenna.
  • Properly connect connectors.
  • Put Antenna in clear sky view or, if possible, put it at 360degree horizon view.
  • You can use filters if the mobile tower signal is causing loss.

Hope you got some good help from this article. You can comment down your query, if any.

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