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How to Grow Your Audience on Twitter

Priscilla is a Social Media Strategist and has with her collection of skills helped promote the visibility of Online Businesses and Brands


Want to know how to grow your audience on Twitter? Whether it is for marketing or to add value to people or make people interested in your opinions, building an audience on Twitter is never easy. However, with the right steps and tools, you could get off the ground a lot faster.

To help you out, these steps I’m about to share would cover everything you need to know about Building your own Twitter Community and I’d also share helpful tips on how to keep your audience engaged.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an old timer, following these 7 easy steps would sure set you on the path to increasing your engagement on Twitter.

Just before that, why should you choose Twitter to grow?

Twitter has the craziest level of organic reach and impressions. You’ll find the Biggest Influencers on Twitter with so much valuable lessons to always take home. You’ll find easily people who value the same things you value and the list goes on.

Now to the steps:

Choose a Niche

I mean your area(s) of focus. You could have one or two and a maximum of three areas of interest which you want your audience to also have registered whenever they are reading your tweets.

Post Frequently

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Knowing what to post could be a challenge and that it why you should know that it doesn’t always to be a perfect tweet. Share lessons, mistakes, insights, inspiration, behind the scenes, etc and you can schedule your tweets daily, weekly or monthly with TweetBeak premium twitter tools to make this a lot easier.

Be A Teacher

Well, the best way to have a large audience is to teach people. People love to learn something new and follow people who would teach them whether or not they are implementing the lessons immediately. Back to your areas of interest, let people follow you because they know they won’t waste their time going through your page.

Create A Weekly Tweetstorm

This is a tweet you make in rapid succession. It is breaking down a long article into a thread. Doing this will increase your reach and impressions

Engage with people frequently

Do not be tempted to make your tweets and leave without engaging other people’s tweets. Retweet, Like and make comments. Don’t just use words like ‘Hmm’ or ‘Nice post’. Ensure that your comments are valuable and on point.

Share Your Process

Your process includes your successes and failures, sharing your lowlights also is part of the process. Doing this, your audience are able to connect not just with your contents but with you.

And Finally,
Learn Everyday

Dedicate specific hours to learning something new in your Niche to stay updated and be constantly inspired.

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