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How To Get First 1000 Subscribers On Youtube Fast

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Hello friends, In this video, I am going to tell you 'How you can get the first 1000 subscribers on youtube.' You all must know that it is the biggest challenge for new YouTubers to get the first 1000 subscribers on their youtube channel.

Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel

1] Pick Hot Topic/Time:

Hot Time or Peak Time is a secret method that big YouTubers use. Hot topic is a trending topic related to your videos.

Example - If you have a gaming channel and any company launches the most demanded and awaited game then these are the Hot Days and Hot Topic for you. If you create a video on these hot topics, you will definitely get views.

If any event related to your Niche is trending then this is a good opportunity for you. Don't miss this opportunity. At this time, the chances of getting views on all the videos you make are very high.

2] Create Short Videos:

Nowadays Facebook reels, Instagram reels, and Youtube reels are very trending. Create a short video and give an introduction about your channel in it and upload it on all the platforms. In that short video, tell the people how useful is your youtube channel. When people watch your reel they will visit your channel on Youtube.

Also, you can share your videos with your friends and family. Go to social media and share your Youtube channel link on it. You can share your videos link on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. As your friends and relatives know you, they will definitely subscribe to your channel.

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3] Research:

Find another YouTube channel that makes videos in your Niche. Do a little study of their channel, Like how many videos they upload in 1 month, how old is their channel, and on which topic they make videos, etc.

Find the most popular videos on their channels and create your own video on the same topic. Don't worry, you will not get any copyright issues.

Boy Working On Youtube

Boy Working On Youtube

4] Youtube Channel Setup:

You have to set up your channel well so that it looks professional. Follow these simple steps:

  • Use attractive Title & high-resolution thumbnail.
  • Add related keywords to your video.
  • Add short information about your video in the description box.
  • Make proper intro & outro for videos.
  • Keep giving quality content in your videos.

5] Never Give Up:

It is a tough challenge because when you start a youtube channel no one knows you. But as soon as you publish a video, people will start knowing you and will subscribe to your channel.

When you publish videos on your new youtube channel, you will get 1 view, 2 views on your videos. And this thing happens to every new Youtuber. But you don't have to give up. Keep uploading videos regularly.

There are many people who publish 5, 10 videos on their Youtube channel and when they do not get views, they give up. But those who do not give up and keep publishing videos, and one day their video becomes a hit.

So, these are the techniques to get your first 1000 subscribers on youtube. Getting 1000 subscribers on YouTube is not such a difficult task. If you follow the above tips, you will soon reach your goal. I hope you like the information given by me.

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