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How to Get Your Old YouTube Layout Back

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This article was initially published on June 14, 2019.

Not too long ago I was corresponding with some of my fellow Hubbers to consult with them about the HubPages Amazon Program. One of the criticisms they sent my way that really sunk into my head was their suggestion that I needed to publish an article that was less controversial and more opinion-neutral than the ones that I had published on this writing platform in the past. Therefore, I decided that it was time that I published an informative article that would help others deal with an aggravating problem that has been confronting many YouTubers over the recent months, especially since nobody has ever posted an article about this topic on HubPages to the best of my knowledge.


Once upon a time and in the not-so-distant past, I discovered this beautiful thing on the Internet named YouTube. I vaguely recall that the very first time that I accessed YouTube was sometime in the previous decade on this one day that I was on the Internet at my local library and I clicked onto a video of Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine performing their 1980s song hit titled “Words Stand In The Way.” I was amazed at how I could practically get the computer to act like a television set or even a DVD player simply by clicking on that same YouTube video.

I later decided that I wanted to get in on the YouTube action, and I, therefore, signed up for my very first YouTube channel in 2013. Back in those days, the YouTube layout was not that much different than it was up until recently. The only noticeable difference between 2013 and 2017 regarding YouTube was that a YouTuber was limited on how long each of their posts could be in the comments section of each video back in 2013. A little less than a year after I got my initial YouTube channel, YouTubers were eventually allowed to make their comments as long as they wanted in the comments section of each YouTube video. That was definitely an improvement on YouTube’s part.

Within the past year or so, YouTube has been rolling out a new layout that may appear confusing to some of us who are used to the old YouTube layout. When YouTube first rolled out their new layout, it was completely optional to every YouTuber. Several months ago I accidentally switched over from the old YouTube layout to the new one. The situation was slightly stressful, because I didn’t really know how it happened and I only wanted to revert back to the old YouTube layout. Luckily, there was still an easy-to-find feature on the new YouTube layout that allowed for me to click on it and save it, and then, like instant magic, I had my old YouTube layout back again. Other YouTubers warned the YouTube community that not before long, there would be no such option to revert back to the old YouTube layout. However, as I had my mind set on other matters, I was not concerned about when and how the new YouTube layout would become a possibly permanent reality for me; and I eventually forgot all about the incident.

About a week ago, I was troubleshooting a situation unrelated to YouTube, and I cleared all of the cookies and caches from my Chrome browser in hopes that I would remedy that same situation. Little did I know that I was in for a very big surprise once I was to bring up YouTube on my computer screen shortly thereafter. Then the unthinkable happened. I brought up YouTube on my computer screen, and, out of the blue, it was in the new YouTube layout. I was bewildered on how this mishap could have befallen me. I, therefore, signed into YouTube and searched for the same option that had allowed me to revert back to the old YouTube layout on the previous occasion that something of this nature had happened to me. However, much to my dismay, that same option no longer existed. Now, if any of you have experienced this mishap and you have grown attached to the old YouTube layout, you probably already know what was going through my mind at that moment. For those of you who have not gone through this same mishap, you’re still probably going to want to read my article to find out what to do if you ever find yourself in this stressful situation. In any event, I will describe to all of you how I dealt with the situation.

Once I realized that YouTube no longer had a quick-and-easy option to revert back from the new YouTube layout to the old one, I went into my computer's Action Center and went into the "Recovery" feature to see if I could restore my computer settings back to the way they were on a previous date by selecting an "Automatic Restore Point" from a date before this mishap occurred so that, hopefully, I would have my old YouTube layout back. However, my nightmare was only beginning once I found out that the date appearing on my computer screen as the "Automatic Restore Point" was the same date as the one that appeared on the lower right-hand corner of my computer screen. In other words, there was no "Automatic Restore Point" available to me that would undo this tragedy. I, therefore, found myself watching video after video on YouTube on how to get my old YouTube layout back. However, most of them only provided me with a temporary fix to this problem. In other words, I would get my old YouTube layout back for a short while; but whenever I would open another tab and bring up YouTube, the new YouTube layout was right there in front of me, grinning directly in my face and telling me that I was never going to get my old YouTube layout back ever again. Figuratively speaking, that is. I was not going to give up in this fight to get back my old YouTube layout. At the same time, I felt more despondent than I had ever felt with a situation involving my computer.

Have you ever seen the 1958 version of the scary science-fiction movie titled The Fly? In that movie, a scientist experiments with a teleportation machine and inadvertently ends up with the head and the left arm of a fly after a housefly gets into the teleportation machine with him when he decides to teleport himself from one side of his laboratory to the other. The drama of the film works up to a heart-throbbing scene in which the scientist’s wife believes that she has restored her scientist husband back to normal and then comes the scary moment in which she removes the cover from her husband’s head; but instead of her husband having a human head, he has a fly head and she screams in terror. To make the scene even more disturbing, the scientist pulls his left hand out of his laboratory coat and instead of it being a regular human hand, he has a long insect leg with a claw that looks big enough to mangle someone. The scientist’s wife eventually passes out in that scene. Well, I didn’t pass out after I found out that I might be stuck indefinitely with the new YouTube layout, but I certainly felt like doing so and I could have used a good scream as well to vent my frustrations. If you have never seen the 1958 version of The Fly, the video below provides a clip of the above scene that I described.

It's The Feeling You Get When Technology Overpowers You

Now that you’ve seen the video, you can probably guess how I felt at the time when I realized that I might be stuck with the new YouTube layout indefinitely. Also, the fly head on the scientist could also symbolize the mindset of hopelessness and desperation that I was in once it hit me that I may be never get my old YouTube layout back again. Time was going by and I simply wasn’t finding a solution to my situation.

What is so outrageous is that YouTube has no toll-free telephone number you can call to get a technical support person on the line to help walk you through the steps to get beyond a mind-boggling situation of this nature. YouTube does provide customers with the option of e-mailing them with any concerns. However, I am someone who needs to hear a friendly voice on my telephone receiver to explain instructions to me on how to deal with such situations. Speakerphones were the best invention ever to come out, because they free up your hands to do whatever you need to do on your computer or on any such device while someone guides you through the steps of troubleshooting a problem of this nature. I would even settle for YouTube offering an online chat room for YouTubers to consult with their staff on such matters, although nothing can replace the human element of a telephone call. However, e-mailing back and forth simply doesn’t cut it for me, but, unfortunately, such method of communication is all that YouTube appears to offer to its community.

Now, I do realize that some of you out there may have fallen in love with the new YouTube layout; and if it works for you and you are happy with it, I wish you all the best in your journey with it. However, there may be many of you out there who are set in your ways and you have become so accustomed to the old YouTube layout that you absolutely do not want to switch to the new one. Whenever I sign into YouTube, I like to find myself in surroundings that are familiar to me and are going to produce the results for me that I have always expected and gotten. The new YouTube layout is like a labyrinth to me wherein I find myself playing hide-and-go-seek with its features any time that I want to do something in YouTube. The comments sections below YouTube videos even look unattractive to me in the new YouTube layout. Well, if you found yourself in my situation and you want your old YouTube layout back, you will be flabbergasted and overjoyed to know that there are ways to revert back to the old YouTube layout. The Chrome browser and the Mozilla Firefox browser both offer the most painless and quickest way to do so. Now, I realize that some of you out there use browsers other than Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to access YouTube. I’ve been lucky that I have not encountered this same problem with the new YouTube layout forcing itself upon me in my other browser. However, some of you who use browsers other than Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to access YouTube might not have been so lucky. Therefore, herein I provide everyone with a foolproof method to revert back to the old YouTube layout.

1. How To Get Back Your Old YouTube Layout In Chrome And Mozilla Firefox

If you use the Chrome browser or the Mozilla Firefox browser to go into YouTube on your computer and you fell into the same situation that I did, then you are already ahead of the game inasmuch as the solution to the problem usually takes very few minutes to apply. For best results, you will first want to be signed into YouTube. If you use the Chrome browser to access YouTube, then you are going to need to download an extension that can be found in the Chrome Web Store. The name of the extension in the Chrome Web Store is “Switch for YouTube.” Once you enter into *the website for that extension, you are going to find a rectangular blue icon on the upper right section of it that reads “Add To Chrome.” (*Update Note - this extension may no longer be available for the Chrome browser, but there is still one available for the Mozilla Firefox browser. Do not worry, because there are others way to address this issue in the Chrome browser that are explained herein.) You will want to click that icon, and it will download the extension to your Chrome browser. Afterwards, you will notice that a small icon in the form of the YouTube insignia will appear on the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen not too far from the search bar. What you will want to do at that point is pull up the YouTube homepage on your computer. Then once you click the small icon on the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen, you will notice that it will read “OLD” in front of it and your new YouTube layout will immediately revert back to the old one.

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Once you are finished with all of these above-described steps, you will now be able to navigate anywhere through YouTube in the old YouTube layout. Even after you sign out of YouTube, you will still have the old YouTube layout on your computer screen until, of course, you go to another website in that same tab or you log off your computer. These same steps worked for me, and they’re a permanent fix. Therefore, they will work for you, unless you have a newer version of the Chrome browser that does not accept the “Switch for YouTube” extension. However, do not worry, because I will be providing those of you in that situation with another way that you can restore your old YouTube layout to your browser.


The Mozilla Firefox browser involves a virtually identical process as the Chrome browser does in reverting back to the old YouTube layout. Like the Chrome browser, you will be downloading an extension to your Mozilla Firefox browser to get back the old YouTube layout. That extension in Mozilla Firefox is also named “Switch for YouTube.” Herein I now direct you to a website that provides the instructions on how to do so.


2. How To Get Back Your Old YouTube Layout In Browsers Other Than Chrome And Mozilla Firefox

Okay. So you’re one of those people who don’t use the Chrome browser or the Mozilla Firefox browser to go into YouTube. Instead, you’re one of those people who use Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Net, the Dolphin Browser, or the UC Browser to access YouTube, and you’ve recently realized that the new YouTube layout has hijacked your computer. You want a solution. That is no problem. Now, I’m going to be brutally honest with you. Even though you will be able to get back your old YouTube layout in your browser, the process to do so is going to be much more involving and time-consuming than it would be in Chrome or Mozilla Firefox inasmuch as you’re going to have to download some software and walk through the steps carefully to get the results that you want. Nevertheless, it can be done, and I’m going to direct you to that solution.


There is a YouTuber named Zortec who provides a blow-by-blow description on how to revert back to the old YouTube layout in a YouTube video of his. You have to use a software application named Tampermonkey to do so, and he describes how you download it and apply the necessary steps with it to get your old YouTube layout back in the particular browser that you use. This method only works for the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Net, the Dolphin Browser, the UC Browser, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. I would not recommend using this method for the Mozilla Firefox browser, because the method I describe above with the “Switch for YouTube” extension is the fastest way to get your old YouTube layout back in that particular browser. Now, as for the Chrome browser, if the above-described method with the “Switch for YouTube” extension did not work on your computer, then you are going to want to use YouTuber Zortec’s method instead. Otherwise, if you have any other browser that you use to access YouTube on your computer with which Tampermonkey is compatible, then you should go ahead and use YouTuber Zortec’s method. Here below is the video wherein YouTuber Zortec describes how to restore your old YouTube layout in the other browsers that I mentioned above.

Get Back Your Old YouTube Layout In Other Browsers

In reference to the above video, herein I now provide you the link to Tampermonkey. You will also need the old YouTube layout script to complete this same procedure, because you will need to copy and paste it in accordance to the instructions in the above video. Also, once you are in the Tampermonkey website, you're going to notice that there is an individual tab for each browser. Keep in mind that you will first want to click the tab therein that is specifically for your browser before you apply the instructions provided in the above video.

After watching the above video, some of you probably want to ask me what to do in this situation if you have Internet Explorer. Now, I realize that some of you use the Internet Explorer browser to go into YouTube. Sometimes I use my Internet Explorer browser to do so myself, although my Chrome browser gives me a much clearer and crisper image of the videos I watch on YouTube than my Internet Explorer browser does. Unfortunately, I have not found a way for you to restore your old YouTube layout in your Internet Explorer browser. I am still able to go into YouTube in its old layout in my Internet Explorer browser. Of course, I have not cleared any of my cookies or my caches from that browser, simply because I don’t use that browser very often. If YouTube still comes up in your Internet Explorer browser in its old layout, then I suggest that you not clear your cookies or caches from your Internet Explorer browser under any circumstances or you may be stuck with the new YouTube layout.

3. Conclusion To This Topic

The evolution of computer technology has gotten to be a headache for many of us in the recent years, even though the people who invent ways of upgrading such technology are usually well-meaning in their intentions. Software applications and hardware applications sometimes even become obsolete shortly after they are released onto the market. Now video platforms are shoving this same overly progressive technological evolution down our throats, and many of us still want ways to hold onto to what we are familiar with. The above aforementioned methods of reverting back to the old YouTube layout on your browser are not only useful to us but they are also free. Regardless of whether you prefer the new YouTube layout or the old YouTube layout, we can all agree that using YouTube should be a positive experience for everyone.

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Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on July 01, 2019:

Okay, ladies and gentlemen. If you've been surprised to learn that you've lost your old YouTube layout, then you are in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time. I've done the research, and the directions on how to get your old YouTube layout are in the article above.

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