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How to Fix Bad Locks at Home


About This Hub

Through this hub, I will tell you that the locks which are in our homes or we put them outside the house which are not electrical are ordinary locks, how can we fix them, I will tell you in detail about this hub.



How to Fix Bad Locks at Home

We can fix the damaged locks through kerosene. Kerosene is easily available. If it is not available, then you will buy it from anywhere through which you can easily fix the locks in the kerosene. Carbon is found which is used to cure rusted things. If you want to fix your years, for which you have paid a very high price, then you must adopt this idea.

Through kerosene, you can easily repair the damaged wires and reuse them which can be beneficial for us because if we have our own idea to repair the thing which we buy by paying more money. So how good it is, so apart from throwing away the spoiled things, we can reuse them, we can also save the environment.

Lock Fix Method

First of all, take a small vessel, but so much kerosene in that vessel, that your lock is easily immersed in it, let it remain submerged in kerosene for about 4 to 5 hours. Bringing the oil with your hand, take it out, then clean it thoroughly in a cloth, then your lock will be completely fine.

Special Caution

While adopting this idea, keep children away from it
Also keep away from the fire because we know that if kerosene is kept near the fire, it can cause a fire.
Use it in open space

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