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How To Build A Website For Beginners


Are you interested in creating the website of your dreams ? Many of you would be worried about what it takes to build a website and get it live on the internet and some are scared of starting what they can't finish, still they don't have enough funds to hire an expert website developer who would charge them $600 or more? isn't it ridiculous, But don't worry it is very simple and you don't even need to pay some $600, just for a web developer. In this article I would show you a Dummy guide on Build Your Own Website In Minutes).


There are lot of ways to build a website but l would be Using you can choose various mediums such as;WIX, Weebly, Squarespace, Site123, and many more. But I would be using because it is totally free all I need is a domain and a hosting package.

Note: There is a big difference between and, is an website builder powered by wordpress, just like other website builders you don't need a hosting package when using all you is an domain name and you start building the website of your dreams while is an Content Management System (CMS) you need a hosting package when using and a domain name. I hope to create an article before the end of this week to detail my points about the difference between the two types of wordpress, and


Now let start building your website, Before you start building a website you must have a domain name.

Creating A Domain Name


A domain name is the address of your website on the internet it is where your website could be located on the internet it is also known as the URL of your website. For example the domain name of Google is ( and your own website address could be ( just make it relevant, unique and memorable. Here are some tips to observe when creating a domain name:

  1. Ensure it talks about your website; for example if you are creating a website That teach beginners how build a website, It would be best you pick something related like (
  2. Make sure it is unique and not very similar to another website domain name that could get visitors confused.
  3. Avoid using symbols and numbers it make it difficult to remember.
  4. Ensure it is easy to spell and write, don't make it unnecessarily too long.

A domain name cost around $10 yearly and you could get one at (domain[dot]com) and (namecheap[dot]com), also you could purchase it at a hosting provider network such as bluehost and hostgator, Bluehost gives new users a free one year domain name.

Choosing A Hosting Plan


After you've choosed a domain, A hosting package is necessary Since I promised it would be a Dummy Guide, then I would explain what Hosting your pre - built website entails,

Hosting is an important stage in building a website,you need a hosting package where files such as videos, images and your website folders could be stored, There are various Hosting providers such as bluehost, Hostgator, and many more popular hosting providers out there such as Amazon hosting and G-suite powered by Google.
According to my experience I would advice users building a website through to choose bluehost, Not that I am trying to promote bluehost but because it offers the best deals for beginners not only that, It was specifically recommended by as a reliable hosting provider. But I would be using hostgator as my hosting provider to show I have no peculiarity for bluehost, But is left to you to choose the hosting provider you think would serve you best,
I hope you have understood what setting up an hosting package for your site entails, If so let move to the next step.

Installing wordpress

Installing wordpress is very much easy, but I do wonder why almost all beginners are scared of this stage, To me I would say it is one of the simplest stage, but because many always have a real problem here I would analyze it very well with the aid of images.
Step 1

Once completed your domain registration and you chosen a hosting package then you would land on your Cpanel page on the hosting website

Step 2


Now click Hosting

Scroll to Continue

Step 3


You would be redirected to another page you would see alot of options but they are not necessary for the moment, Then click Wordpress - 1 click installation or Quick install it depends on what hosting provider you are using.

Step 4

You would be redirected to another page where you would be asked to choose the domain name you wish to install, Then input your new domain name, Then click Next

Step 5


On the next page you would be asked to input your website/blog title, your Admin username, First name, Last name and your Admin Email, Then check the Agree to Terms and Condition boxes and click Install

Step 6


Wait for a few minutes to complete install, Once installation is complete you would be given an auto-generated password which you would use to login to your WordPress admin page.

It would take few hours before your new website gets live all over the world, with a maximum of 24 hours. You could take a nap from the big work because we still have a long way to go, Check out later if your site is fully installed then login to Admin panel on wordpress it is very easy just input your site URL and behind it insert /wp-admin for example and you would be redirected to your WordPress admin panel login page and you would be asked your username and password.


Once you are logged in successfully, just know you have fully installed WordPress, Isn't ridiculous someone would pay over a $100 just to crossover this blockage and it is very simple.

So that how to install WordPress
Note: You have saved yourself $100 or more by doing it yourself.

Familiarizing With WordPress

As a starter you would also be worried that what are the first things you are to do once you appear on your WordPress admin panel, Don't worry I would take you through it.

  • First check if wordpress is up-to-date, if not update it, To do that go to your WordPress admin panel dashboard and go to Updates. Right below Home and on the next page click Update now
  • Reset your password, The auto-generated password is usually very hard to remember so it would be best change it to something you would remember, To do that, go to your dashboard then click Users scroll down and go to username and click Edit then scroll down and click generate password then input your new password and click Update profile.
  • Edit your site Title and Tagline, Select "Customize on the Top control menu then click Layout and then click on Header then Site Identity select Site Title, The you can edit it same for the Tagline right below it
  • Delete all pages, It is best to start on a new ground, To delete all pages, Go to dashboard scroll down to Pages then select all pages available and click move to trash then click on Trash then select all pages and delete.
  • Delete all default plugins, Go to dashboard scroll down to appearance and click Plugins then check all the boxes and click deactivate all, once you are done, click Delete all.
  • Edit your site permalink, Go to Settings on your dashboard then click Permalink the you would see various ways of displaying permalink but it would be best if you choose Post name the click Save changes.

So these are what you are to do once you've logged in to your admin panel. Now it is time to start designing your website, and make it look the way you imagined it to be.

Customizing Your Website


Now that we have crossed the fundamental stage, This time it is about how you want your website to look, by adding templates/themes, plugins and your own contents like videos, images and texts.

As a starter it would be hard for you to determine which template/theme is best for your new website, But it would be best you choose Astra theme though it is not perfect at default but Astra theme as a powerful plugins which you can use to import a whole site all you need to do is to Go to Theme on your dashboard then click Add new search Astra theme and click install and activate.


Once you are done, go to your dashboard and click Plugins then click Add new search Astra starter sites then click install and activate. Then go to Appearance on your dashboard and click Astra sites Right above you would be asked to select your favorite page builder you can choose Elementor or Beaver builder, But I would be using Elementor, Then select the site you want to import but before that install the required plugins, then import your site. Isn't simple and you would get a ready made website. Now let start customizing pages and add your own contents.

Adding Your Own Content On Your Website

Adding contents and pages to your site make your site look unique and different from all other website using the same template with yours.
It is very easy to add a page Go to Pages

on your dashboard and click Add new insert page title and click "save" you can add any page you wish to add like Home, About us , Contact page, Terms and condition page, and lot more.

Also you can add Content like videos, images and texts using the drag and drop builder, remember I choosed Elementor as my website builder, so to activate Elementor builder, select "Edit with Elementor". Then just drag and drop what you want to add from the left sidebar. You can add videos, images, texts and buttons just very easy.

Improve Your Website Features With Plugin

To improve your website features you can install plugins it is very easy to install plugins just go to "Plugins" on your dashboard and click "Add new" search the plugins you need click "install" and "Activate". As a beginner you might be thinking what type plugins do need. I would guide you through this by showing you plugins you must install :
And then you could preview your new website and set it live all over the world


Fagbemi Solape on November 01, 2020:

Perfect, this all i need to know

Stanley Ray on November 01, 2020:

This is the true dummy guide

Mary Turna on November 01, 2020:

I love it, you have made me very prepared to build my own website. Keep writing more it is very useful for people like us.

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