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How To Add A Link To Your Instagram Bio

Adding link in bio to Instagram

Adding link in bio to Instagram

An Instagram bio is an essential piece of information. It is pertinent on the part of the user to create a bio that attracts. This article will throw light on how to insert a link in the bio and understand its nitty-gritty whilst not overstepping the boundaries set by the social media platform.

A link to the Instagram bio is a clickable URL, that will take the reader to a separate Instagram page of the individual or the said product/brand. It can be anything that the user would want to showcase. However, there are limitations that the platform has imposed pertaining to links.

The number of URLs allowed on Instagram has limited to one whilst the rest of the leading social media platforms allow more.

Despite the limitations, inserting a link in the bio on Instagram is a breeze.

It is a three-step process and you don't need to break a sweat.

  1. Go to your page
  2. Tap on the "Edit Profile" button
  3. Insert the URL within the website field
  4. Click on the correct sign on the right top-hand corner of the screen

Go to your page and choose  "Edit profile"

Go to your page and choose "Edit profile"

Put your link in the bio field

Put your link in the bio field

Now that we are aware of how to insert a URL in the bio of an Instagram page, the next step would be to use it effectively.

The primary reason behind inserting the URL is to maximize returns. Visitors would have to click on the link to know more about the person or the product/brand.

The purpose of the link will not be served properly if visits do not translate into footfalls. Influencers, celebrities, brands, and corporates globally understand the importance of social media and hence promote their Instagram pages appropriately and in a manner that will produce more visits.

There are a few ways in which one can effectively use the link, as these few examples will illustrate.

A link to Youtube

A link to Youtube

YouTube is a worldly place and has guaranteed footfalls. The Instagram bio quite deftly announces the YouTube link of the company.

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It is placed just above the address of the organization and below the bio description. Once the visitor goes through the bio, they are bound to get attracted to know more about the entity and hence click on the link.

The popularity of YouTube and the reach it respects is unfathomable. A great bio with a YouTube link makes for an unbeatable combination.

A link to a website

A link to a website

This is the most popular method of maximizing opportunities and is followed by most entities, both brands, and individual page owners.

The URL is placed strategically under the bio which allows visitors to read the entire description and then go to the respective website.

Like the YouTube methodology, this too is an effective way to optimize the potential of the said page.

A link to Spotify

A link to Spotify

Spotify has established itself as a popular audio streaming service and most artists use it to allow fans to enjoy their music.

The link in the bio takes the visitor directly to the artist’s Spotify page where her inventions can be enjoyed.

We have observed that artists, celebrities, influencers, brands et al want more out of their social media pages and a solitary link wouldn’t suffice. It is where the Taplink comes into play.

Multiple links are not allowed on Instagram, the information we already know. To overcome such an eventuality, Taplink allows the page manager to include all the links available for that particular entity.

The capability of the toll doesn’t end here. One can include photos, music, and videos, thereby being able to showcase the entire prism of activities. Taplink also provides its users with the option of over 300 design templates for the opening page. It also allows the customization of pages if one doesn’t like the options available.

Taplink is a necessity for those who have multiple social media channels and want all of them under one roof. It is particularly useful for artists, celebrities, athletes, motivational speakers, and e-commerce stores.

Final Words

An Instagram bio is the first step toward letting the world know that you have arrived. A link in it is an extension of your persona and everything that you stand for.

It transforms the entire persona of the bio and makes it stand out in a sea of intense competition.

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